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Please i will be presenting PPt on first aid and would like to use this presentation. Could you please allow me to use? Diaz Cobia

By: Bilazio (103 month(s) ago)

Please i will be presenting PPt on first aid and would like to use this presentation. Could you please allow me to use? Diaz Cobia

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BASIC FIRST AID Presentation by: Arshad Molwani


Introduction Purpose of First Aid Principle of First Aid (4 C’s) Action Plan Assessing Skills of a First Aider Responsibilities of First Aider DR ABC OBJECTIVES

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First aid is the immediate medical assistance given to an injured person, within the available resources before getting to a qualified medical help. What is First Aid ?

Introduction : 

Every one should know something about first aid as you never know when you may be called upon to use it. At the most unexpected of times, accidents could occur, involving loved ones, close relatives or total strangers. Whoever is in need of help, you should be in a position to offer first aid. Introduction

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To Sustain life To Prevent suffering To Prevent secondary complications To Promote speedy recovery Purpose of First Aid

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DO’S Before handling the casualty use: Mask Gloves Head Cover Apron DON’Ts First Aider can never Prescribe Medicine Declare Death DO’s & DON’Ts

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Call for Help Calmly Take Charge Check the scene & the causality Carefully apply First Aid PRINCIPLES OF FIRST AID (4 C’s)

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Assess the Situation Safety of yourself & the casualty. Assess the casualty Treat the Casualty Arrange removal of casualty to hospital or safe area. Write a Report / Communicate the status. ACTION PLAN

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Observer Listen Feel Talk Touch Provide Build Trust Assessing Skills of First Aider

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To assess a situation quickly & safely & call for appropriate help To identify the level of injury or the nature of the illness affecting the casualty/victim To give early and appropriate treatment in a sensible order of priority To make & pass on a report, & give further help if required Responsibilities of First Aider

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To Yourself To Others To Casualty D is for Danger

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Gently “Shake & Shout” at the casualty Is the casualty alert? Is the casualty drowsy or confused ? Is the casualty unconscious, but reacting ? Is the casualty unconscious with no reaction ? If unconscious, place the casualty in the stable side position. R is for Response

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Is the airway open & clear ? Is there noisy breathing ? Are the Potential obstruction such as blood etc ? If so , open & clear the airway! A is for AIRWAY

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Tilt Head Back & Lift Chin up with fingers under jaw to establish Airway (Move head as little as possible if there may be a neck injury). How to Open AIRWAY?

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Look for chest movements Listen for sounds of breathing Feel for breathes on your cheek If not breathing give 2 rescue breathes. B is for Breathing

Breathing : 

Look, Listen & feel for Breathing – Is chest moving ? If not give 2 breathes Breathing

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Is there a carotid pulse ? Is it strong ? Is it regular ? Is there major blood loss ? IF NO PULSE PRESENT THEN START CPR (CIRCULATION PULSE RESPIRATION) C is for Circulation


Check for circulation – Is there a pulse ? Place two fingers in groove of neck. CIRCULATION

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Giving First Aid can be dangerous. Always be careful for your personal safety. Do Not Put Yourself @ Risk Looking After Yourself

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