Breast cancer treatment in India.

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Breast cancer is supposed to affect women only but it may affect in men as well. Earlier it was supposed to affect elderly women , now it is diagnosed in younger women too. Get opinion of best Indian cancer specialists for breast cancer treatment in India.


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Breast cancer treatment and outcome depends on following factors Breast Cancer treatments in India Stage of Cancer Grade of cancer Hormone receptor status HER2 status Menopause status Overall health of patient


Treatment of breast cancer Surgery Chemotherapy Radiation Therapy Hormone therapy Targeted therapy Supportive care


Surgery Type of surgery depends on size ,location and aggressiveness of Cancer. Lumpectomy ( Breast conserving surgery) Mastectomy (Removal of total breast) Double Mastectomy ( Removal of both the breasts ) Radical Mastectomy Modified radical mastectomy


Chemotherapy Multi drug combinations and single agent chemo drugs are used for treating breast cancer. Adjuvant chemotherapy When chemotherapy drugs are used post the breast cancer surgery for stopping of cancer recurrence. Neu adjuvant chemotherapy when the chemo. drugs are used for shrinking the size of tumour before surgery. Always ask your medical oncology doctor to know the side effect of your chemo regimen. Chemotherapy


Radiation therapy External beam radiation Brachytherapy Proton therapy Your doctor may plan the no. of days in your radiation therapy session. Usually radiation therapy is given for 5 to 6 weeks with two days gap in every week. Radiation therapy


Hormone therapy Once your doctor has confirmed from your biopsy reports the status of hormone receptors , you may be put on hormonal therapy. Hormone therapy depends on Status of Estrogen , progesterone and HER2 status.


Targeted therapy Targeted therapies have better Safety profile. They are commonly given in combination with chemo. HER2 markers may help your Doctor in choosing the correct targeted therapy for you. Targeted Therapy


Adjuvant bisphosphonate treatment in early breast cancer has shown positive results, your doctor may add bisphosphonates as an adjuvant therapy as they can reduce the recurrence in bones.


Post treatment follow up A regular follow up is recommended after treatment for breast cancer. Follow-up care is important to help maintain good health, manage any side effects from treatment and watch for signs that the cancer has not come back after treatment, and screen for other types of cancer. A follow-up care plan may include regular physical examinations and other medical tests to monitor your recovery during the coming months and years.


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