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Arrow Wood Co.Ltd a designed wood floor manufacturing plant in Thailand. We are specialize in engineered oak wood flooring, wide plank oak flooring and varity of oak woods in bangkok and thailand.


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Arrow Wood Co. LTD About us, Arrow Wood Co. LTD is a Thai company with foreign research and technicians approved by BOI (board of Investment), Thai Industrial Department and the Thai wood department. The products we made are based on egineered wood techniques, for mainly all in of indoor purposes like flooring, wall, ceiling and furniture as well parts.


Oak Bangkok Oak Thailand พื้น ไม้ พื้น ไม้ ไม้ปู พื้น Wide Plank Oak Flooring Engineered Oak Wood Flooring Our Product

Slide4: Elements Which Attract People towards Oak Wood Flooring Oak wood is one of the top picks for extensive number of individuals. It is utilized for distinctive items, such and furniture, ground surface and significantly more. There is a wide assortment of wood ground surface accessible today in the business sector. Large portions of the ground surface sorts give the conventional touch, though there are numerous others, which depend on the cutting edge developments. Then again, the assortment can be found by country or landmass where it has a place. Thus, there are numerous different sorts that are mainstream today.

Slide5: Engineered Oak Wood Flooring This is a standout amongst the most prevalent components that make a craze among the people to purchase the ground surface sorts for their homes. The oak wood is renowned for its imagination. Diverse outlines of the ground surface are readied with no uncertainty. The built engineered oak wood flooring can be taken as the ideal case in such manner. This wood floor is particularly built for the houses and should be superior to anything strong wood floor in the present situation. Furthermore, the imagination can be seen according to the customary examples of diverse countries.

Slide6: Staggering Looks Because of the staggering looks of the floors, an expansive number of people like to buy them from the business sector. They give the phenomenal appearances to the houses, which charm the visitors with no qualm. This is the reason, such floors are likewise utilized on the workplaces, aside from the houses. These incredible ground surface sorts are impeccable to awe the guests and business delegates.

Slide7: Wide Plank Oak Flooring There is a wide assortment of these floors accessible today. Individuals find the opportunity to look over this awesome assortment, which is the reason they jump at the chance to buy these sorts of floors. Wide plank oak flooring , smoked oak flooring, strong oak wood deck, built ground surface and there are numerous different sorts that can be taken as an illustration in the present situation .

Slide8: Oak Wood Floors The oak wood floors are effortlessly accessible today, which is the reason countless like to purchase them. You are not required to visit shop to shop now so as to hunt down these floors. They are accessible online these days. You are simply expected to visit the sites of the makers or venders and request for the establishment. The floors are introduced to your new or remodeled houses. On these sites, you can choose the fitting sort according to your prerequisite in the wake of watching their hues and different perspectives.


Arrow Wood Co.,LTD 4M13 Huana Saingang Rd, Tambol Tabtai , Hua Hin Prachuabkirikhan 77110 Thailand Call Us : - +66 (0) 32 82 80 77 Fax Us : - +66 (0) 32 82 80 40 Mail Us: - http://

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