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Arrow wood offers a wide variety of Engineered Wood Floor at unbelievable prices. We offer domestic and exotic species, floating hardwoods and more.


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Arrow Wood Co. LTD About us, Arrow Wood Co. LTD is a Thai company with foreign research and technicians approved by BOI (board of Investment), Thai Industrial Department and the Thai wood department. The products we made are based on egineered wood techniques, for mainly all in of indoor purposes like flooring, wall, ceiling and furniture as well parts. Our products are an added value to one’s property With more than 15 years experience, we can serve you with an Euopean export quality product.


Wooden stair steps Wooden stair steps Engineered Wood Floor Oak Flooring Old Look ไม้ ปูพื้น ไม้สัก พื้น ไม้ Engineered Oak Wood Flooring Beech Engineered Hardwood Flooring Jatoba Engineered Hardwood Flooring Smoked Oak Wood Flooring Our Product


Engineered Oak Wood Flooring Engineered oak wood floors are one of the most popular wooden floors there days. Arrow Wood produces them in many varieties en show you in our block, on this page, what different products you can choose from. Without over estimate, we can make easy more than 200 designs with all the options. We produce solid oak floors and engineered oak floors . We produce European oak wood floors and American oak wood flooring in engineered and solid. Stand still by the fact that engineered oak wood floor boards can also be used.


Engineered Wood Floor Solid wood floors or engineered wood flooring. The trend these days goes very strong towards engineered wood flooring . The reason is that the engineered flooring version is: 1. Much more stable than solid wood. Less bending and deformation of wood. 2 Due to saving expensive wood, the price is lower. 3. A higher stability makes it possible to produce in a range of width: 20-33cm wide. The engineered wood flooring Arrow Wood produces are in CE class:


Jatoba Engineered Hardwood Flooring The Jatoba hardwood tree is one of the best known exotic species. The flooring made through this material has gained a widespread popularity in the present scenario. The Jatoba engineered hardwood flooring is considered as ultimate in the hardwood flooring .


White Maple Hardwood Flooring White maple as wood species is harder than European oak wood. It is a delicate wood that is harvest from the maple tree in the areas of Canada and North America. The maple tree is cut in strips and the real white ones are separate from the white with brown ones. As we produce white maple wooden floors in the engineered version, it is quite less expensive compared with the solid maple timber but within the scope of engineered white maple wooden floor it has a higher value than an oak floor.


Long Strip Hardwood Flooring These types of floors are really engineered with the top. Several thinner wood plies are made to use the finish layer. These wood plies are glued together in order to make a single plank.  The center core of a longstrip plank is often a softer material. It is used to make the tongue and groove.


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