5 Tips to Avail the Best Terms for Your Mortgage


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A good mortgage includes a lot more than just low interest rate. These 5 tips will help you to secure the best loan terms from any loan provider!


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5 Tips to Avail the Best Terms for Your Mortgage


When you finance an estate, you are likely to opt for a 15, 20 or 30 years of repayment period. For such a long mortgage schedule, it is better that you do a little research about different available options before getting into debt. Contrary to the popular belief, a good mortgage involves a lot more than just a decent interest rate. This presentation is for an awful lot of people who are unaware of the ways which can help them to obtain credit at favorable terms. Let’s begin, shall we?


Get your FICO Score in Shape FICO Score is one of the first things that a mortgagee will look at. It starts from 300 and goes all the way up to 850. If your credit score is lower than 580, then it means there is a high probability that you might not be able to pay your dues on time, which makes you a risky bet. Regardless of what your credit score is, you can always improve it. Higher scores allow you to bargain a better deal with the lender. To raise your score, you can pay off any high-interest debt, thus, improving your debt-to-income ratio.


Understand the Lending Landscape It is difficult to zero-in on the best loan provider when there are so many options available in the market. But you don’t have to worry, as we have done the homework for you. Take a look at some common types of lenders present out there.


Credit Unions – Institutions owned by its members, offering lucrative interest rates to its shareholders. Memberships are fairly easy to obtain. Mortgage Bankers – Bankers that work for a financial institution and make loans for consideration by bank’s underwriters. Correspondent Lenders – Local lenders with the means to grant loans but depend on other financiers to whom they instantly sell your loan. Savings and Loans – Small, community-based financial institutions that are now a bit hard to find but worth seeking out because of relaxed loan eligibilities. Mutual Savings Bank – Quite similar to S&L, Mutual Savings Banks are often local-based and competitive. You should also check if the lender that you are considering is genuine or not by checking its registration with Nationwide Multistate Licensing System Registry


Compare Rates with Different Lenders While it is true that interest rate isn’t everything, it still plays a vital role in the mortgage. For making the best decision, you will have to shop around a bit. The lenders will give you a quote depending on your finances. This is where your research will empower you to negotiate the best possible rates. You can lock the rate if it satisfies all your needs.


Ask the Necessary Questions You should ask a number of questions from your possible commercial or residential loan provider . This not only shows that you are serious, but also allows you to make a sound financial decision. Following is a list of questions which you can throw at every potential lender: - How much time do you take for preapproval, appraisal, and closing? What is the minimum down payment? Which types of fee will I have to pay at closing? Will you waive off any of these fees or add them to my loan?


Go Through the Fine Print Principal and interest aren’t the only payments which you will have to make. There are many other expenses that you might have to bear such as Earnest Money, Loan Origination Fees, Closing Costs, Transaction Fees, and so on. Properly examine the fine print of your loan documents, especially the original Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure. They will provide you all the exact details like terms, who will pay the Closing Costs, whether there is a possibility of a Home Inspection, and Closing Date.


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