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this slide holds some of the basic comparison about the translators and interpreters


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Translators Vs interpreters:

Translators Vs interpreters


Translators The translators does the job with documents and files. They produce the result in written or printed form


Interpreters Interpreters are those who does the translation work orally in front of public.


similarities They hold only one similarity that field of work of both translators and interpreters relies on language.


differences Though they have similar field work the nature of job is entirely different. Some of the differences are shown in further slides.

Mode of work:

Mode of work Translators does the translation work with written documents Interpreters does the translation orally

Place of work:

Place of work Translators are not exposed to public. A cabin is enough to do his work Interpreters should get exposed to the public either live or through media

Language skill:

Language skill Translators require more knowledge than the native speakers, as he deals with number of legal files, wills, business documents. It is sufficient if the interpreters are provided with language skill which are understandable to the public.

Time consumption:

Time consumption Translators takes more time in translation of documents. As they deal with confidential papers and materials, the slow process is always recommendable. Time consumption of interpreters are very feeble.

Use of machine translations:

Use of machine translations Translators are accompanied more with machine translators . MT helps them to find unknown words and phrases. But they are not supposed to rely on it completely. Interpreters uses MT for later verification. MT is of no use to them in the public.

Skills required:

Skills required Translators Observation, listening Knowledge about legal concepts and buisness concepts Interpreters Spontaneity Managing capacity


Conclusion These are the skills required for the translators and interpreters. translation service and interpretation service can be got from same agency.

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