Cerenity Toilet Seat Sanitizer For Woman Health Care

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Cerenity is specially made to give extra protection to woman against germs. This toilet seat sanitizer can kill 99% germs in just a single spray. This germ protection spray is available in 3 fine fragrances Mystic, Citroma and Flora.


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About Cerenity:

About Cerenity Cerenity comes from a thought by Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. This product is all about woman hygiene and health safety. Cerenity is a toilet seat sanitizer which gives 99.9% germ free toilet seat. This can protect women from various urinal infections and keep them safe as well as hygienic.

Why You Need Toilet Seat Sanitizer?:

Why You Need Toilet Seat Sanitizer? Toilet Seats, especially those in public toilets, are not cleaned regularly. They harbour germs that could lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Diarrhoea , Gastroenteritis, Staph and Herpes. Given the amount of exposure at public toilets, one has greater chances of getting harmful diseases. Cerenity toilet seat sanitizer removes germs within seconds, making the toilet seat safe and fit to use.

What is Hygienic Toilet?:

What is Hygienic Toilet? Germs like E. coli, S. Aureus , Salmonella Spp., E. aerogenes , Shigella flexneri , P. Aeruginosa , Vibrio Cholerae , etc. prevail on a toilet seat. Such harmful bacteria can cause Diarrhoea , UTI, Inflammation, Sepsis and various skin infections. A clean toilet is only clean by appearance whereas a hygienic toilet is both clean and germ-free . Infections include ringworm, scabies, UTI, pubic lice, herpes and staph.

Steps To Use Cerenity Mobile Hygiene:

Steps To Use Cerenity Mobile Hygiene Shake the Can. Spray lightly on the Toilet Seat from a distance of about 25cms. Wait for 5 seconds. The Toilet Seat is up to 99.9% germ free and safe to use. No wiping or rinsing required .

Online Shopping:

Online Shopping With the help of our official online shopping cart http:// www.cerenity.co.in/BuyNow.aspx you can buy this cerenity spray online. You can also buy it from offline vendor. It is available on various Cera dealer shops. Cerenity Toilet Seat Sanitizer is now also available on ebay.in & BIGBAZAAR. Cerenity provides free home delivery on purchase of more than 399 Rs . So no worry for extra charges.

Visit Following Links For More Details :

Visit Following Links For More Details https:// www.cerenity.co.in/Faq.aspx https:// www.cerenity.co.in/ToiletSeatSanitizer.aspx https:// www.cerenity.co.in/BuyNow.aspx https:// www.cerenity.co.in/Default.aspx

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