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Thinking Notes- A Close Reading Strategy :

Thinking Notes- A Close Reading Strategy Created By: Alexandria Rowell 3 July 2018

Objective: :

Objective: Students will be able to structure independent reading with metacognitive markers.

Thinking Notes - Introduction:

Thinking Notes - Introduction Read through assigned text and use the strategy of metacognitive markers, or thinking notes This strategy helps students track their response to a text and engage in more thoughtful reading This strategy also helps students prepare for and structure discussions

Thinking Notes - Demonstration:

Thinking Notes - Demonstration Introduce a text to the class where they can visually see it, either on the whiteboard, smartboard or overhead projector. Read the text out-loud to the class and when finished, make marks on the text with a pen to demonstrate confusion in the text with question marks (???) or praise in the text with exclamation points (!!!). Can also use an asterisk (*) when applying to something that is related to the main idea.

Thinking Notes – Guided Practice:

Thinking Notes – Guided Practice Read the assigned text out-loud together with the class After reading, make a mark in the text to show the class where confusion or admiration might be on the teacher’s part Ask students for input where they were confused, or thought a line or two related to the main idea and mark that on the text as well for the class to see Have several students give their input on the text

Thinking Notes - Application:

Thinking Notes - Application Have students read an assigned text at their desks independently As they are reading, or after reading the text, make marks in the text with question marks if they were confused or unclear about a section: ???? Have them use exclamation points in the text if they thought the author had great writing or ideas: !!! Also, have the students use an asterisk in the text when they think something relates to the main idea: ***

Thinking Notes – Assessment & Reflection:

Thinking Notes – Assessment & Reflection Students will complete a graphic organizer of what symbol to mark in the text for the text being confusing and/or unclear, the author has great writing and/or ideas, and when a line and/or paragraph relates to the main idea One side of the graphic organizer will have the symbols: ?, !, * The other side of the graphic organizer will have their “definitions” ? = Something is unclear or confusing ! = Great writing or idea * = relates to the main idea

Thank You!! :

Thank You!! Thinking Notes: A Strategy to Encourage Close Reading

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