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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Aronberg Aronberg Green According to recent motorcycle accident stats crashes involving motorcycles and bicycles are increasingly common. Approximately 3/4 of motorcycle and bicycle accidents involve other vehicles. Most common are accidents in which the car or truck did not see the bike and turned left or right straight into the bike’s path. They either collide or the bike is forced to swerve and crashes. You may need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Usually the police report blames the biker for a single-bike accident but often it is actually due to dangerous roads or bad equipment. Low siding high siding and “endo” end over after jamming on the brakes accidents are most common. Bicycle riders have special concerns such as the threat of being “doored” — that is being hit by someone opening a car door. Chains and ropes across trails:

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Sometimes property owners will put up chains or ropes across trails that they don’t want used by off-road bikes. Too often bikers won’t see these ropes. Property owners do not have the right to cause injury this way and must mark trails to warn any off-road bikers about obstructions. Road debris: Grease motor oil loose pavement uneven concrete or blacktop surfaces pot holes: all are potential hazards the motorcyclist and bicyclist face every day Aronberg Aronberg Green Injury Law Firm Address: 2160 W Atlantic Ave Delray Beach FL 33445 USA Phone: +1 561-266-9191 Hours: Open 24 hours

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