Stop Smoking Sydney: 3 Secrets to Quit Smoking

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An honest and open letter to smokers who wants to quit their smoking addiction. Find a way on how you can stop smoking in these 3 steps of quitting smoking.


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3 Introduction A friend once said this powerful statement to me…I think it will help you too “When You Learn How To Control Your Thoughts…You Can Control Your Emotions…And Ultimately You Control Your Actions Outcomes…” A very profound statement. Everyday There Are Smokers Who Say To Themselves Someday I Will Quit…Some Will Even Set A Goal… I Will Stop When I Am 30 Years Old... Yet Their 30 th Birthday Comes And Goes…Sadly They Are Still Smoking

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4 WHY I guess maybe “l ife ” just gets in the way…or maybe they were not REALLY serious…maybe quitting cigarettes was just too DIFFICULT… Picture this scene you are with a close group of friends…catching up… sitting around the dinner table…laughing…telling stories of your past…Until…The Urge…You Try To Fight It Off…The Next Thing You Know You Are Outside In The Rain and Cold…Alone…Smoking A Cigarette WHY To Fulfill Your Craving…To Quiet That “Cigarette Voice” …but the whole time you were wishing you were back inside with your friends… What else has THAT kind of control over someone How frustrating…This habit is actually stopping you from doing what you want to do…and be who you want to be with. Have you ever said to yourself… THAT’S IT…You literally have had it…THIS IS THE LAST ONE… Only to find yourself at the corner store 3 hours later…forking out another 25…Defeating isn’t it. WHY does this keep happening Is It The Cravings…or is it Lack Of Will Power…is it Addiction… That’s what we are told aren’t we…It’s the addiction…Once you start you can’t stop… WHAT IF…cigarettes’ control over you was NOT caused by an addiction Would becoming a non-smoker be easier if you were NOT addicted I bet it would… or at least that is what we have been lead to believe…I mean think about it for just a minute…how many methods are their that try and address nicotine addiction…Patches…gums…spray’s…natural / herbal remedies…even medications…If it was purely a nicotine problem surely you could just stop with a patch…I mean you are getting your nicotine fix from the patch right

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5 I read somewhere that only 5 of people quit smoking with patches…wow that’s a 95 failure rate…can you imagine any other product out there that failed that much…I mean how can a product continue to be sold with that much of a failure rate…in any other industry the government would do a product recall with failure like that…sure they are cheap…but what a waste of money and time. Where does that leave you… still smoking and desperately you want to stop but where do you turn Keep reading…there is light at the end of the tunnel. I Invite You To Invest A Small Amount Of Time To Read This Letter…After all aren’t you worth spending a few minutes reading a letter that has the potential to change your life forever… That is the power that is in this letter…Imagine waking up in the morning and having no desire to smoke…imagine going through your day without cravings…without being controlled to do something you don’t REALLY want to do…How good would life be…Well it is in your reach…just spend a few minutes reading this letter to find out how to solve your cigarette problem… In this letter I will cover everything:  How you can overcome nicotine addiction without patches  How to have all the willpower you ever need  How to Stop Cravings even if you enjoy cigarettes  How to overcome stress  How to be bored and still not crave cigarettes

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6 I will cover HOW you can literally free yourself from the cigarette habit WITHOUT:  Gimmicky Gum’s Spray’s  Patches  Dangerous Medications  Doing it alone struggling with Cold Turkey Nicotine Withdrawals Before we go any further Before I share with you how you can be a non-smoker and breathe fresh clean air for the rest of your life…before I show you how you can finally take control of your life and live life on your terms…there are two things I need to be clear about. First It’s not your doctors fault if they haven’t given you this solution…You see your doctor isn’t a quit smoking specialist…they are great when it comes to your general family health with colds or a check up. But if you have a more serious condition what does your doctor do They refer you to a medical specialist. Very few GP’s know there is a quit smoking specialist available. I hope in the near future they will. My partners and I are working hard to train others and let GP’s know about our service. Perhaps when you become a non-smoker you will go back to your GP and let them know how you quit smoking…many of our clients do and as a result we are seeing more and more GP referrals. Second thing I need to let you know is that I have a confession to make to you. I have never smoked a single cigarette in my life. That’s right not one... So who am I AND how can I a person who has never walked in the shoes of a smoker know what you feel and know how to help you Well a cardiologist doesn’t have to have a heart attack to help save someone’s life do they No of course not. So who am I My name is Dr. Adam Arnold and here is what I DO know… I KNOW that if you could feel about cigarettes like non-smokers do…you would not have any cravings…that’s right you would have no desire to smoke…in fact you would be repulsed by smoking…this means you wouldn’t want a cigarette EVEN if you were around other smokers…you wouldn’t want one with your morning coffee…heck you would not even

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7 want a cigarette when you drink alcohol OR even in times of boredom and stress…because non-smokers don’t desire cigarettes… I have a methods and procedures that can help you see cigarettes the EXACT same way a NON-SMOKER does…I am a master of observing and studying other people’s success and then modeling their success to help others. I must Warn you…This is an extremely powerful process…I had a client who was a smoker and came to me for help…One hour later she walked out a nonsmoker…the thought of cigarettes was now disgusting to her…the problem and what I am warning you about is her husband didn’t come to me…he still smoked Can you imagine what its like for a non-smoker to kiss a smoker Well needless to say this caused some problems in their marriage but just between us I think the problems were already there and this just added fuel to the fire. Imagine what your life would be like if when you wake up and you desire a glass of water and not a cigarette…in fact you don’t think about cigarettes at all anymore…how good will it be to discover a method that allows you to go to a pub and have a beer with a mate and have no thought of cigarettes…or how good would it be to be able to see that proud look in your children’s eyes when they know you are not smoking…How good would it be too live life like this…on your terms doing what you want when you want… It is possible…AND I will show you how I have helped thousands of smokers have results like this in 3 simple steps. All of them thought they were addicted all of them had cravings all of them thought they had no will power. ◉ Some smoke “socially”…some only a few cigarettes and others who smoke over 5 packs a day ◉ Some smoke “rollies” some smoked tailor-made cigarettes. ◉ Many have other “problems”too… gambling drinking

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8 ◉ Some are tradesmen some are office workers salesman CEO’s sport stars even doctors. My point is that these are people from every walk of life who are just normal people like you and me. All of them were able to be able to quit their smoking habit once they learned these 3 secrets to success that will have you being a non-smoker too if you take action apply these secrets. What I have learned from having the privilege with working with hundreds of people over the past decade is there are 3 steps you will need to become a nonsmoker and here they are. 1. Build Your Desire 2. Remove The Roadblocks 3. Reinforce your commitment The first step is to ignite your desire in your mind that will see you getting excited to be a non-smoker. How much it will take to build your desire will depend upon which category you are in. You see there are generally 3 types of people who come to me and only one type I will work with because we are too busy helping people who want our help not trying to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do. Remember the lady who nearly got a divorce because she quit smoking and her husband didn’t…well I didn’t help him even though he asked for my help because he was in category 2 below…

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9 Here are the 3 categories: Category 1: Are those who are just “interested” they are really looking for free stuff and honestly they won’t quit in a million years… Category 2: Then I get those who are willing to pay for help but they only want to “look” like they are “trying” to quit but really they aren’t committed. They are probably doing it for someone else…and then Category 3: FINALLY I get people who are READY to quit. They are ready to change their life. They want to be healthier fitter and breathe easier. They want to be a great role model to their kids. They are literally sick and tired of being a smoker. We ONLY see people who are truly READY…If you aren’t READY it’s really simple to change. All you have to do is ask yourself why you want to quit smoking for you…not someone else not your kids not your partner not your family…for you The reality is you cannot be forced into quitting and you should never “try” to stop smoking for someone else…do it because you care about yourself and you want the best in your life…then you will succeed. You know a lot of people are out there “think” they are helping smokers unknowingly they are actually causing them to continue to smoke. Typically it could be your friends and family who want you to quit think that if they scare you by sharing horrible facts about death or those stupid commercials’ the government creates it will help motive you. That NEVER works…In fact research shows us using that kind of “scare” tactic actually causes people to SMOKE MORE…

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10 I want you to know just because you smoke cigarettes you are NOT a bad person AND you are NOT a weak person. You are just stuck in a situation and don’t yet know how to get out of it. You haven’t found the key yet. So let me share with you one method that you can use to create desire to quit. Make a list of the reasons why you want to be a non-smoker…all the painful reasons and all the pleasurable reasons e.g. I hate being controlled I want to be fitter I want to be a better role model…

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11 DESIRE CREATION TECHNIQUE Have a pen and paper ready you need to write these answers down. On a scale of 1 to 10 write your Desire To Breath Fresh Air score. 1 is you don’t want to stop at all if that’s the case why are you still reading this and 10 is a you are sick and tired of smoking and ready to quit NOW Write down your number BEFORE doing this exercise. Once you have it written down continue on. Ask yourself the following questions and write your answers down. note the 2 nd and 4 th question can be tricky read them twice ◉ What will happen if you don’t quit smoking list your answers ◉ What won’t happen if you don’t quit smoking list your answers ◉ What will happen if you do quit smoking list your answers0 ◉ What won’t happen if you quit smoking list your answers Great how are you doing Now ask yourself what is the hidden benefit I get from smoking I’ll give you an example…some people like attention…so if they keep smoking their family gives them attention if they stop they won’t get the attention anymore. ◉ What are your hidden benefits list your answers Ok now I that you have done this read over all your answers and once you have read back over them write down your Desire to Breath Fresh Air Score. Ok now we are ready to really ready to get your desire juices flowing…the next piece is fun…I want you now to just sit back and close your eyes.

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12 2 I want you to imagine what life would be like to live life on your terms without cigarettes…imagine how it will feel to have your health back…to be fitter…to have more energy…for your skin to look younger…to be able to bond even closer to those that you want to get closer too…so go ahead and close your eyes now…really get into this moment and create some beautiful images of your new life without cigarettes. Ok where are you on the desire scale If you are above a 7 you are in great shape…if not no worries continue onto the 2 nd step.

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13 REMOVING ROADBLOCKS The second step that will see you being a non-smoker permanently in just 60 minutes is to remove the roadblocks that get in your way of being a Non Smoker. What are these road blocks We call them limiting beliefs. See the diagram below. A negative belief will literally limit you from achieving success. Let me give you one quick example. Before May 6 1954 the world thought it was humanly impossible to run a mile in 4 minutes. Roger Bannister changed all that in 1954. One month someone else ran a sub 4 minute mile. Now the record is around 3 minutes and 43 seconds and even some strong high school runners will run sub 4 minute miles. What happened The world’s belief changed. You see once they KNEW it is POSSIBLE to run under a 4 minute mile then new possibilities opened up. Quitting cigarettes once and for is definitely possible…AND With the technology and tools we have at our disposal we can literally melt away limiting beliefs and install new empowering beliefs and prevent roadblocks on your journey of living the life of a non-smoker.

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15 ROADBLOCKS TO BEING FREE FROM CIGARETTES ◉ Cravings ◉ Willpower ◉ Weight Gain ◉ Addiction ◉ Enjoyment ◉ Stress All of these roadblocks are created from limiting beliefs. Let me say that again all of these roadblocks are created by limiting beliefs. I know some of you will argue with me about addiction and belief’s so we will take care of that right now. First let me ask you if you were not addicted to smoking would it be easier to give up write your answer down Get out your piece of paper and right the answers down to these questions.

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16 SMOKING IS ADDICTIVE OR IS IT JUST A STRONG HABIT 1. Do you smoke the exact same number of cigarettes per day or do some days you smoke more and some you smoke less 2. Do you smoke more in any certain situations e.g. when drinking alcohol around other smokers when stressed 3. Do you smoke less when you are at work playing with children watching a really interesting movie without commercial breaks 4. Have you ever tried patches and failed on them Ok you probably already get my point and if you do then great if not you will in a minute. I have one more question for you before we smash the belief smoking addiction is the problem. Who would benefit most from making you believe smoking is addictive The answer…the people who profit from it…who are they The government taxes and tobacco companies.. Have you ever heard of the terror management theory It shows when we go into panic like seeing a quit smoking ad we wind up doing things that could harm us more. The result you smoke more. And to add injury to insult … cigarette packaging is covered in gruesome messages and pictures…guess what you do when you see a cigarette pack or a horrible quit smoking ad That’s right you smoke more… Now the issue here isn’t about the government or even tobacco companies no the issue here is if you believe smoking is addictive you will be limited in your ability to be free from smoking forever. Remember your answers to the questions above about smoking

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17 Why does an addiction change with emotions Why would an addiction increase when you are stressed or when you are around friends and happy When someone puts on a nicotine patch they are putting as much nicotine into their blood stream as an entire pack of cigarettes…yet they still smoke… Let’s be honest…if cigarettes were truly just an addiction the nicotine patch would solve the problem of smoking forever…the reality is it fails 95 of the time So at this stage are you open to saying smoking is maybe just a strong habit If so great you are on your way. So the reality is that smoking is a VERY STRONG habit…Habits are controlled through your unconscious mind…the part of your mind that drives your emotions and behaviors…remember the quote at the beginning of my letter… There are generally 3 other common beliefs that smokers have that limit them from transforming to being a non-smoker. 1. Giving up is hard 2. I enjoy smoking hidden benefit 3. I don’t have will power In our stop smoking session we go through all of these beliefs and more…now I want us to move onto the final step. Being a non-smoker forever.

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18 BEING A NON-SMOKER FOREVER The Third Step is the step to see you being a non-smoker FOREVER. You see I am not interested in “temporary success” and I am sure you are not either. After all quitting cigarettes for a year doesn’t mean you are a successful non-smoker. It means you had a temporary lapse in your habit. I want permanent change for you. I want you to be A Non-Smoker that NEVER touches a cigarette again in their life. So what needs to happen to see you being a non-smoker forever Glad you asked… To be a non-smoker forever and to have a chance to enjoy the good benefits of quitting smoking not only do you need to have the desire to be a nonsmoker not only do you need to have all of your limiting beliefs turned into empowering beliefs but you also need to have the way you think and feel about cigarettes changed…This can only happen on a deep subconscious level. How does this happen And more importantly how can all of this happen in just 60 minutes To do this we need to temporarily prevent your critical faculty from interrupting the process. What is the critical faculty The critical faculty is a part of the mind that evaluates input from your senses and then makes a judgment on whether the input is valid or not. So how do we relax the critical faculty long enough to install permanent beliefs that empower you to be a non-smoker The answer is through modern hypnosis. Hypnosis puts you into a very relaxed state that allows the practitioner to then work with your unconscious mind on a deep level to allow you to walk out of a one-hour session as a non-smoker… Now I am not talking about just any hypnotherapy or any hypnotherapist here…This type of hypnosis isn’t something you can download on a CD…how can that be personalized to you and your specific beliefs

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19 Our hypnotherapists are specialists who utilize hypnosis COMBINED with NeuroLinguistic Programming NLP for short. NLP uses advanced technology and techniques to help people model successful behaviors. Best of all change can occur in minutes not weeks. You may have heard of success mentors like Tony Robbins helping people like Hugh Jackman and Serena Williams with NLP. In fact…this form of NLP Hypnosis has also been used to help celebrities like Matt Damon Ben Affleck and Drew Barrymore quit smoking. The result is when you come to us to quit smoking we will combine NLP with Hypnosis to help you get extraordinary results fast... At this time there may be some of you reading this and having limiting beliefs around hypnosis in your mind…so lets change that now. First of all hypnosis is safe…in fact it is being performed in many areas of healthcare including major hospitals government departments police forces and dentistry. Second clinical hypnosis is not stage hypnosis it is performed under the guide of a qualified hypnotherapist. So you won’t quack like a duck. Third hypnosis does not cause you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Let’s face it if people could force people to do things they didn’t want to do with hypnosis there would be bad people out there making people do bad things like rob banks. Finally you will not have memory loss. Not with our hypnosis you will remember everything. And it is impossible for you to be “stuck” in a hypnotic state. This has never happened since hypnosis has been around since 2000 B.C. So you can see modern clinical hypnosis is safe and effective.

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20 So What Is Hypnosis Modern Clinical Hypnosis is a gentle and relaxing technique that is guided under the supervision of a qualified professional. Hypnosis is simply that a relaxed state. You probably experience similar states every day. When you drive and don’t remember the trip. Many people compare it to that time just before you doze off to sleep. After the session you will walk out feeling relaxed and ready to move forward with your life as a non-smoker. It’s that easy… No pain…No withdrawals…No Needles…No Patches…No drugs So what is the next step…The next step is to call us and schedule a time to chat on the phone with one of our quit smoking specialist. On the phone they will ask you a few questions about your habit answer any questions you might still have and then collect a deposit to reserve your appointment. So if you are ready…Ring 1300 769 399 If you still have questions keep reading… You may be wondering what is our success rate… Our success rate is over 98 of the people stop in just one session…for those that don’t we do a backup session…In fact we have a guarantee on our stop smoking program…If you start smoking for any reason after the session we will do a backup session for FREE…yes you read that right if you started smoking 2 years from the session simply ring us up and we will do a backup session to get you back to being a non-smoker. You see we are so confident in our results and we have such a high success rate that we can offer this guarantee. Let’s face it if we had to keep re doing sessions we wouldn’t be in business for long and we have been doing this now for over a decade. So what are you waiting for…Ring 1300 769 399

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21 Sometimes people are concerned about the fees for our session. We understand…Let me say this… we charge a fee that is reasonable yet affordable for a specialist service…especially when you consider how much money is wasted on smoking cigarettes…a habit you don’t want to do anyway. So go ahead…what do you have to lose…a program with over a 98 success rate that is guaranteed AND only takes a few hours to complete…the only thing that is stopping you from being a non-smoker is you…so ring us now and together we will get you onto the path of a fresh air breathing person for good. Visit or ring us on 1300 769 399 now

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