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Best Residential Roofing Service in Fort Myers. Roofing Company You Can Trust. Available 24/7 - Call Fair and Square Roofing, we'll be there when you need us!


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Roof Repair Fort Myers | Roofing Company | Fair & Square Roofing, LLC Best Residential Roofing Service in Fort Myers . Roofing Company You Can Trust. Available 24/7 - Call Fair and Square Roofing, we'll be there when you need us!

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SERVICES Roof Repair You may need roofing repairs to protect your home. Catching the repairs early could be the difference between a roofing repair and a roof replacement.   We have training and many years of experience.  This helps us provide an accurate, free analysis of your residential roof and potential needs. If your roof is nearing 15 years old or older, chances are that you need a new roof due to the amount of weather related damage to your roof. The impacts of weather related damage can be seen in as few as 5 years in some cases due to damage from wind folding your shingles and hail. This damage is hard to see from the ground, and many homes have it for years and don't even know that it is there. We will take a full assessment of your roof and provide photos. From there we can give you an honest assessment of needed repairs or if you need a complete re-roof. In the event the damage is related to an insurance claim, we can assist you in the insurance process as well. We work with insurance adjusters each and every day. We would love to show you how easy it is to get insurance coverage for a roof when it has real storm damage.

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Shingles Asphalt shingles cover more homes in America than any other roofing material .  They are easy to install, provide excellent protection and are often the least expensive roofing choice. ​ An asphalt shingle consists of a fiberglass or organic mat coated with asphalt, then covered with colored mineral granules for protection against the elements. Asphalt shingles are available in a range of grades. The better the grade, the longer the life expectancy, which can range from 15 to 30+ years. Here’s more about the advantages of this roofing material. Easy to install.  Asphalt shingles are among the easiest roofing materials to install. The size and flexibility of shingles make it easy to adapt them to any roof size and shape. Low-maintenance.  Many roofing materials require regular maintenance to retain their appearance and performance. Asphalt shingles are easy to keep clean and can quickly be repaired or replaced if they are damaged. Aesthetically pleasing. 

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Tile Fair and Square LLC is a Florida licensed contractor with extensive experience in the installation of clay and concrete tile roofs .   The Difference Between Clay and Concrete Tile Clay roof tiles are durable, strong and resistant to all weather conditions. They are baked in kilns at extremely high temperatures, which allow the tiles to retain their strength and color for up to 100 years. Clay tiles are available in an array of shapes, sizes and textures, and in many fade-free colors . Concrete roof tiles have become a very popular choice due to their durability and lower cost. The average lifespan of concrete tiles is about 50 years, and cost is likewise about half that of clay tiles. Concrete tile is a very durable and fire-resistant roofing material, and available in a wide range of colors and design Here are more advantages of this roofing material . Superior durability and long service life Low maintenance requirements and lifecycle cost Wide choice of colors and patterns Excellent insulating properties for energy savings Fireproof with a Class-A rating Environmentally friendly

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Metal  roofs Forget about the dreaded hot tin roof. They have evolved into energy-saving, cost-effective roofing materials. If you have it in the budget, it’s always a good idea to go with the most durable, long lasting material for the job. In most cases, this is metal. Although initially this will cost you more, a  metal roof  can last almost twice as long as a traditional asphalt roof, and is more energy efficient. In addition to this, metal roofs are trending as a more modern, sleek look for your home.   Metal roofs: • Are available in a wide range of styles, colors and textures • Are fire resistant and have a high fire rating • Protect roofs against sun damage • Galvanized steel roofs resist rust and corrosion • Can last for up to 50 years.

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ABOUT US With over 18 years of combined experience in the roofing Industry, we are a "full service" roofing company specializing in residential and commercial as well as re-roofing and roofing repairs.  We are a locally owned and operated. We service Southwest Florida including: Lee, Collier, Charlotte and Hendry counties. With our dedicated staff we are fully committed to providing our customers with a high-quality roof system, at an affordable price, that will add value and curb appeal to your home or place of business. ​ We believe that quality craftsmanship and design are only the beginning of installing a successful roof system . We go beyond the basics with our innovative maintenance programs, extended warranties, and great customer service!  We go the extra mile to ensure our customers' satisfaction and their roof's long-term performance. We pride ourselves on using quality roofing material from the largest manufacturers and using the most advanced software programs to facilitate a  smooth and easy process from the time we meet you to when the job is completed.

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