How To Fetch Good Rankings In Google's Featured Snippets

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How To Fetch Good Rankings In Googles Featured Snippets Many of you must have noticed that now it has become hard to build the referral traffic from Google. Have you ever thought about the probable reason for this It is agreed that the competition is increasing every single day but in addition to this another big reason behind this is that Google has greatly moved past its ten blue links and now the organic search results of this search engine are no longer generating as much traffic as was being generated. First let us try to understand what exactly Google s featured snippets are ’ These are basically the selected search results which gets featured on the topmost list of the Googles organic results. The exact location of these is below the ads in a box. These featured snippets are basically aimed at answering the users question right away and hence these are even called the answer boxes. Understand the ways in which better rankings can be fetched in the Google s featured ’ snippets:  Make Efficient Use of SEMrush To Find Snippets By Your Competitors: This a truly reliable tool that is being used as a dependable analytic resource and his largely used to identify the featured snippets that the competitors have earned and also shared those featured snippets for which one is already ranking. Performing regular domain search and doing an organic research is highly recommended.

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 Use Google To Uncover Big Snippet Opportunities: This is undoubtedly a great way to find those snippets for which one can optimize content for. Does one need to analyze that what exactly are the questions for which people are trying to find answers for This is more like putting oneself in the shoes of those who are not very familiar with the marketing concept. Kindly note that there are many new terms as well as acronyms that are present in the marketing world hence it can be quite confusing for the new entrants.  Look For Content Ideas For Answering the Public: It has been observed that the questions hold all the power to bring up the featured snippets and hence one must answer all aspects of how what where when why and who. One of widely used place to find out such questions on one particular topic is Answer the Public.  Be Thorough In Keyword Research: As every marketing expert is well-aware performing good old keyword research is highly recommended. Doing so will definitely help in optimization the keyword research and will further assist is getting featured snippets as well. It is highly recommended to make use of some reliable tool to find out where a particular search query will contribute towards bringing the featured results or not. Adopting the above-explained tips will definitely prove to be of great help in fetching decent rankings on the Google s snippet. ’ Contact Details Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn H-183 Sec-63 Noida 201301 Uttar Pradesh India Phone:+91-120-411-4228 Email: Website: Thank You

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