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 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY ____________ The purpose of this study was to investigate what are future teachers’ views on “How should an innovative teacher be?”

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 TOOL_________________________________ Open questionnaire. The data was collected by administering the open questionnaire having only one question.

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 SAMPLE______________________________ The investigators have taken purposive sample of 66 B.Ed. trainees for data collection

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 DATA ANALYSIS______________________ The data was analyzed using qualitative methods like content analyses, matrix and typology. The investigators have classified the data with the use of major areas which are essential ingredients for an innovative teacher.

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Motivational skills Make teaching valuable, engaging, rewarding, fun, and hassle-free. Recognize and encourage implementation of good instructional practices Create effective guidance programme Stimulate curiosity Encourage convergent and divergent thinking Inspire students’ reasoning ability Implement students’ self assessment activities Encourage students’ to set personal goals Helps students to identify their own strengths, weakness and needs

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Personal skills Humane Honest Spotless character Punctual Disciplined Well mannered Well informed Preserver of values Adventurous Positive attitude Compassionate and idealistic Creative Dedicated Open minded Optimistic Futuristic Self-confident Enthusiastic Content expert

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Communication skills To create structure for parent collaboration Effectively utilize the local community Maintain a strong link between classroom and real-work application. Engage students in individual and group learning activities Help students to articulate their ideas Promote them to develop critical thinking, problem solving and performance capabilities Marketing Convincing and making logical arguments

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Leadership skills Developing and sharing vision for betterment of students and institutions Guide and manage systems to meet high academic standards Ability to modify intuitional structures through collaborative processes Arrange workshops for peers Risk taker Mentoring Delegating skills training Facilitating – teachers as facilitators of learning Emphasize the value of teaching learning Use a change-leadership process for long-term sustainability. Worry little about resistance Maintain strategic and business goal alignment.

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Professional skills Ability to build professional development plans Use technology and data Use multiple teaching learning and learning strategies Use varied and appropriate informal and formal assessment techniques Attend and conduct workshops and seminars Update knowledge and conscious about technological changes Familiar with current trends and issues in education Conduct researches and studies Publishes papers and books

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Team building skills Collaborative Problem solver Decision maker Acquainted with group dynamics Networking Sharing ownership –supporting others Conflict-management

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