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Quality education through good teacher and innovative teaching : 

Quality education through good teacher and innovative teaching Presented By Arman Ul Nasar

Abstract : 

Abstract This paper has been tried to explain quality education. Quality education can be achieved through good teacher and innovative teaching. Good teacher and innovative teaching are very necessary for the improvement of education system. To sum up, the teacher should have keen in subject, pupil, teaching methods. He should be good subject motivator and able to handle technology. He should be able to handle group of the student. He should be creative and innovative person and able to know individual differences among the student. Innovative teaching consists of following points subject matter, psychological law, biological law, good environment, classroom management.

Introduction : 

Introduction Education is not a Cup of Tea for everybody. John Dewey, undoubtedly the world’s most renowned living educator defines education as follows1: “….education is a constant reorganizing or reconstructing of experience. It has all the time an immediate end, and so far as activity is educative, it reaches that end-the direct transformation of the quality of experience. Infancy, youth, adult life, - all stand on the same educative level in the sense that what is really learned at any and every stage of experience constitutes the value of that experience, and in the sense that it is the chief business of life at every point to make living thus contribute to an enrichment of its own perceptive meaning. ”

Technical definition of education : 

Technical definition of education It is that reconstruction or reorganization of experience which adds to the meaning of experience, and which increases ability to direct the course of subsequent experience. Innovative teaching and good teacher are very necessary for the improvement of education standard.

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Quality of Good Teacher

Interest in pupils : 

Interest in pupils Teacher will be interested in pupils. Teacher should know individual difference between two pupils. For example, one pupil is interested in drawing while other pupil isn’t interested in drawing. But he has interested in maths. Teacher must be interested own subject. So that teaching process is not buffling for him. Interest in subject

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Teacher should motivate student in each and every conditions. He should not only teach subject mater but he should play role of motivator. Attention to Individual differences Good subject motivator Teacher should pay attention to individual differences between two pupils – One pupil is a scholar while other pupil is a dull.

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Team work among the teacher and student lead to good result. Team work must be efficiently in education system. Teaching Methods Team work Teacher should be aware of different teaching methods. He should be able to select appreciate teaching methods. It should be simple, understandable and creative.

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Teacher should have deep knowledge of child psychological, individual difference, biological law. He should be able to know attitude of student. Use of new technology approach Knowledgeable Today’s world is a full of technology. In each and every field, we find new technology. For education, chalk and board is not enough for the teaching system. Teacher and Educator should use technology. It will make education easy, interesting and result oriented.

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Teacher should be an innovative person. He should be flexible. He should accept all new changes. He should ready to learn various things. So, in this way he creates his innovative personality. Acceptable by society Innovative person The role of teacher in society is very important. He is respectable, honest hard worker and future creator of nation.

Innovative Teaching : 

Innovative Teaching Innovative teaching are required following points. Subject Matter Psychological law Biological law Good environment Classroom management Quality concept

Subject Matter : 

Subject Matter It method may be called the vehicle of instruction, subject – matter may be labeled the cargo of instruction. To load an efficient vehicle with worthless cargo would, of course, be absurd; to use efficient methods in the teaching of worthless subject matter would be equally absurd. Another of the necessary requisites, therefore, for effective teaching is desirable subject matter. This will meet the needs of pupils and of adults in a complex and rapidly changing civilization. The recent slogan, “Teach children rather than subject-matter,” is as fallacious as would be the opposite slogan, “Teach subject-matter rather than children”; in sober fact, both subject-matter and children must be taught.

Psychological law : 

Psychological law Learning process is very complex – that it is one of the most baffling things in the world. Although experimentation and other types of investigation have provided much information regarding the way in which the human mind works, even the Solomon’s of the profession are still far from knowing the exact way in which it works and the (stimuli) which make it work best. Probably the most valuable discovery of psychological investigations has been concerning the nature and extent of individual differences.

Biological law : 

Biological law He must also know and follow the best biological laws. He must know more than how the mind works; he must know how the whole human organism works. He must realize that the whole child comes to school, and not merely the mental nature of the child. He should know that anything which effects one part of the organism also effects every other part of the organism.

Good environment : 

Good environment The most effective learning can take place only when the environmental setting is best. This means, among other things, that the school plant, namely, the site, building, and equipment must be adequate, safe, sanitary, comfortable, and attractive. Over many-probably most-of these details school officials rather than teachers have control. For example, teachers can suggest that shades be secured for the windows, that desks be placed so that the light will enter from the left side of the room, that an adequate and wholesome water supply be made available, and that desks be secured which fit or are adjustable to the size of the pupils.

Classroom management : 

Classroom management Closely related to proper school and classroom environment is effective classroom management. For the details of classroom management the teacher is almost wholly responsible. Among the more important details of classroom management for which the teacher is largely or wholly responsible are the following ; providing for the proper seating of the pupils; arranging for the pupils to pass to and from the classroom and the building at noon, recesses, and other school intermissions; checking of attendance; providing for the distribution, administration, and supervision of educational supplies and equipment; arranging for fire drills; and in general, making certain that everything in the classroom proceeds without confusion, friction, and other waste.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion We are talking about quality education. Who will start quality education? It is our responsibility to start quality education. We should not depend upon any institute, government and NGO. We have developed a proper mechanism of identifying innovative teachers and attracting them to the teaching profession. This should follow the proper training ranging from psychological aspects to the using high tech teaching methods. And its beginning of DPSI Riyadh.

References : 

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