open mind 1 video sheets 1-12

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open mind 1 video sheets 1-12


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Unit 10 A MUSICAL LIFE BEFORE YOU WATCH 1.- Answer these questions A What’s your favorite kind of music ______________________________________________ B What is your favorite song _______________________________________________ WHILE YOU WATCH 1.- Complete the dialogue with the words and phrases from the box. Simone: I thought I ______ you Come on class ________ in ________ minutes. Hello ________ Robert Robert: I’ve __________ you What’s _____ Simone: What __________________________ to Robert: Raggae I _______________ a new cd. Simone: I ________ like Raggae It’s the same __________ over and over again. Robert: Well That’s ______________. Simone: _________________ Come on we’re ___________ . Saw / hello / starts / 10 / up / downloaded / Heard / Are you listening / Don’t / beat / Whatever / late / the point

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Unit 10 2.- Answer the questions. a What was the documentary about _______________________________________ b When was Bob Marley born ___________________________________________ c How old was Bob when he recorded his first song __________________________ d Who was he married to _______________________________________________ e When did he get married______________________________________________ f What was the name his band changed for _________________________________ g What medal did he receive ____________________________________________ h When did he die ____________________________________________________ AFTER YOU WATCH 1 Complete the sentences with the words from the box No Women No Cry Label Record Shot the Sheriff early teens a Bob’s family moved to Kingston when he was in his _______________________ b He returned to Jamaica and started their own _____________________________ c He toured the USA and released songs like _______________________________ and __________________________________.

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