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MeTro orange art:

MeTro orange art @ New York comic conVENTION , October 9 -12, 2014

She Doesn’t Give Anything Only Takes :

She Doesn’t Give Anything Only Takes Artist N ikita K aun is a self taught artist, was born in 1993 in Saint- P etersburg, R ussia. Starting to work in his present style in 2013, he already has worked with many streetwear brands, bands, participated in local and international exhibitions Frame 18“ x 24“

A Tribute to Breaking Bad:

A Tribute to Breaking Bad Nikita Kaun , artist Frame 16“ x 24 " Artist appearance and signing at Booth 213 (morning session)

Twelve Monkeys:

Twelve Monkeys Nikita Kaun , artist Frame 16“ x 24 "

Bat Girl II:

Bat Girl II Artist Born David Michael Stoupakis on the 26th of July, 1974, in Brighton, Massachusetts , to Greek-Italian, first generation American construction foreman George Stoupakis and his Cape-Briton Island Nova Scotia wife Anne, a hard working woman to say the least at everything she does. Both of them being artists themselves they would go on to push and encourage David to become an Artist. David was born premature with numerous complications at birth and many thought he would not make it home from the hospital. Mother Anne knew she had to set strength in her new little one and so she gave him the name David and believed with this name little David would be able to beat the giant complications. Just one month later, David left the hospital to see his new home and two older siblings, brother Alex and sister Laura. Within the first grade of school David was found to have a severe learning disability and his Doctors informed that David would develop more on the artistic side and that he may have the ability to become a great artist. So when the talents in David truly started to shine. His parents were proud and very supportive however his newfound artistic ability concerned his teachers. On several occasions David' s "gloomy" drawings were the subject at teacher parent meetings. A few years later a wild art teacher entered David' s life and encouraged him, opened his mind and drove him to experiment. Within that year David made the choice to dedicate himself to his artwork. In 1992 David gave the Art Institute of Boston a one year try and quickly found that being schooled was not for him. In 1993 he began his road to developing himself and became a self-taught Artist. It was round 1995 when the first painting sold and by 1996 David was working as a contract 2 D / 3D Animator Artist for a game company. Then in 1999 David left the gaming industry and refocused his talents to painting full time. Also, that year he met his companion Aprella , and the two became muses for each other. David lives and works in New York with Aprella and their lovely rescued cat. He continues his dedication to painting and his remarkable works continue to grow. Frame 18“ x 24“

Harley Quinn:

Harley Quinn David Stoupakis , artist Frame 14“ x 20 " 15% off the first 50 costumers

Arya & The Hound:

Arya & The Hound Colin Lawler: "Back east drawing up a storm, in the hyperbolic sense, not magical , although maybe one day I will be able to control the weather with my pencil. Just to clarify, I also draw storms every now and then, not out-of-a-hat or anything like that, Im just practicing illustrating clouds.“ Frame 14“ x 20"

The Queens Jury 2014:

The Queens Jury 2014 Matt Dangler, artist "The beauty of his surrealism is captivating. There's so much information and story behind Matt Dangler's characters. The environment, lighting, costume , composition, color, even down to the wrinkle on their faces, are all carefully and consciously planned. Each piece of his work is comparable to a book, where you could read the painting for hours yet there will be something new to discover. The mood of each piece inflicts a certain feeling , and it will definitely leave an impression once you leave." - Monzuki . Frame 16“ x 20"

The Dream Shaman:

The Dream Shaman Matt Dangler, artist Frame 8“ x 11" Signed poster for the first 50 costumers


Ossa GianLuca Mattia is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer, known for his vivid illustrations of curvaceous alt delights. Gianluca Was born in Bari, Qualified in the Institute of Art with qualifications of Ar's Master and architect's designer and interior decoration. After his studies in art, Mattia focused in digital illustration. His illustrations are vivid, erotic , subversive, part-emo, part- punk,between realistic and surreal. They operate in some of the same realms of beauty, utilising details like tattoos , blood, tears, band-aids , open wounds, skulls, odd creatures and scars . Gianluca Mattia's art has been included in books such as Mynameis vol . 5, Eccentric Design, Semi permanent 2010, The World's Greatest Erotic Art of today vol. 2 and 3 and more. He has been featured in Babyboss magazine , Tattoo Mania, Dynamite, Sizzle Magazine, Tattoo Extreme, Arize magazine , Kult magazine, Tattoo Italia and others magazines and e-zine . Frame 14.5“ x 19"

Juanita Brooumm:

Juanita Brooumm GianLuca Mattia , artist Frame 14“ x 19.5 " Artist appearance and signing at Booth 213 (afternoon session)

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Round up from last year:

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