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Thanks for watching and downloading the presentation. This presentation is brought to you by ARKA Software - a leading grocery delivery app development company. Here, the presentation will help you to learn about how grocery delivery mobile apps like Bigbasket, Instacart, and Grofers work. Read the full story here:


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To know how On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development work. First we need to understand the users. Who are the users using or connected with the grocery application When I research I have come up with these app users mentioned below.  1. THE END USERS CALLED CUSTOMERS 2. THE DELIVERY PARTNER CALLED SHOPPERS 3. THE STORE MANAGER CALLED STORES

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How It Works for Customer For customers the app is designed with intelligence and intelligence mind mapping. Consumers place orders using the grocery delivery app. To place an order the customer needs to sign in first. The consumer can choose groceries and food to order or to-get delivered on-demand from a variety of options. There are so-called advance search and filters available to simplify the buying process. When the customer adds their choice of groceries into the cart he/she next liable to select the payment interface to place their order. After placing an order they have features to track chat cancel order rate and review.

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How It Works for Shoppers Shoppers also knew as delivery workers. They have a separate app for their convenience. The app interface is designed in such a way where they can only see order details and keep an eye on their income. Moreover to download the app a prospective shopper needs to verify their mobile number in a whole-new form on the website. After that they will get a download link to initiate the app.

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How It Works for Stores For stores there is no app available with the feature available for customers and shoppers app. Then you might be thinking about how it works Right. Major grocery delivery applications like Instacart have established partnerships with multiple retailers and compact grocery shops in different locations cities. This helps shop owners get brand visibility and the opportunity to earn additional income.

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