Do You Know About Cataract and Cataract Surgery


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Do You Know About Cataract And Cataract Surgery  Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures in the US and worldwide. Most of the elders above 80 years have cataracts or have undergone cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is the most effective treatment to restore vision. It is usually an outpatient surgical procedure performed regularly by Ophthalmologists worldwide. ​Cataract surgery ​ is the surgical removal of the cataract with the implementation of an artificial lens. The artificial lens does not require any maintenance is not felt by the patient and is not noticeable. Usually the cataract surgery is safe and complications are unlikely to happen. According to the symptoms and diagnosis the decision and right time for cataract surgery are individualized for each patient by the ophthalmologists. In some cases prescription of the lens or magnifying glasses may be enough. What is Cataract: ​To understand more about cataracts it’s important to know about the natural eye lens present in our eyeball. Normally the eye lens is crystal clear and is made mostly of water and proteins. These proteins are arranged in a structured way that allows the light to pass through and get a clear vision. So these natural lenses can focus light and can also adjust the eye’s focus to see the far and close things and objects nicely. This means the lens has to be always clear to get a clear vision for the eye. Due to aging or other reasons like excessive exposure to UV rays etc. the proteins can clump together and can become cloudy. This disease is known as cataracts. The clouding increases with time and can cause blindness. It’s important to know that the Cataract will not spread from eye to another or towards people around the patient. Symptoms: ​ A cataract patient will find an image blurred or as double vision and the colors will be seen as faded. The symptoms are difficulties in doing daily activities like reading watching television driving at night and also finding it hard to look at a bright light. Causes: ​ The exact cause of cataract is not fully proven. It is considered as a genetic disease hereditary or due to congenital infections. Infants can also get cataracts at birth or may develop in early childhood. Other factors for getting cataract could be due to excessive smoking or excessive exposure to UV rays or medications like steroids etc. Cataracts can form after surgery for other eye problems like glaucoma or an eye injury. It may also be developed due to health problems like diabetes. Prevention: ​ Cataract can be prevented to a certain extent by following a healthy lifestyle like including more fruits and vegetables in your diet using sunglasses while getting exposed to UV rays quitting smoking and alcohol etc. If the cataract is not treated it can cause blindness. If you experience a blurred vision or if the colors are seen as faded get a consultation from the qualified and experienced ​Ophthalmologist without any delay. It is recommended that people above 40 years should get a consultation from

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an Ophthalmologist at least once every two years and the cataract patients must get the consultation every year. ​Southern Eye Associates Arkansas ​ has 30 years of experience in treating patients and has many expert doctors who treat Cataract patients regularly. Their surgeons perform cataract surgery roughly 80 times per week which means tens of thousands of successful procedures over the year. Get treated by a specialized Ophthalmologist. Contact Southern Eye Associates at the earliest for an appointment or visit ​ to request an appointment.

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