Improving The future of US Space Exploration

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Improving The future of US Space Exploration :

Improving The future of US Space Exploration By Adam Riffe & Perry Baker

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A little background… In recent news we have seen NASA’s STS ( Space Transportation System) has recently reached the end of its lifespan. What Begin in 1981 has came to an end with the retirement of the space shuttle Atlantis model this year in 2011. Many NASA supporters argue without the ability to transport are own astronauts into space and having a gap in space exploration we will fall behind in are technological lead among other countries. The Obama administration has wanted more emphasis on funding from the private sector and has cut funding from government sources .

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The main problem would be NASA’s lack of a goal in regaining space flight. The Goal here is to come up with an cost effective design and plan of some shuttle type that will take us back in space exploration. This would be accomplished by setting are next goal to reach a celestial body’s out further in space such as mars. Problems And Goals

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Define the problem Brainstorm, research and generate ideas Identify criteria and specify constraints Develop and propose designs and choose among alternate solutions Evaluate the solution and its consequences Implement the proposed solution Make a model or prototype Communicate the process and results Create the final design Refine the design Problem Solving Approach Engineering Design Process

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Our Project: We cover designs and plans to develop a new space craft that has the potential to carry us to the next plant in our solar system in a manned mission at an affordable price utilizing fuels and materialize that would other wise be waste. We also have developed a marketing plan to pump money in NASA to fund R&D and future cost incurred by the design and build process. At the same time we have taken into consideration the security and environmental impacts of such an endeavor.

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