The Ultimate Guide For Getting Started With Linux Hosting


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Web hosting is the most important part while making your website live. Linux web hosting is always preferred over windows web hosting. Check out the ultimate guide to start with Linux hosting.For Moe Info Visit:


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Linux Hosting Guide:

Linux Hosting Guide

Linux Hosting:

Linux Hosting 1


W indows and Linux are the two types of platforms, which are typically available for web hosting. Kindly note that these web hosting platforms are independent of the operating system you use. Linux is an UNIX- based and open source platform that is predominantly used for Website hosting.


Linux is user-friendly and it readily allows windows applications to operate on Linux when required. Linux hosting is one strong and efficient choice as it is cost-effective, negotiable and fast. It is extremely safe to use as it has a unique software development systems. There are several benefits of web hosting in Linux which are mentioned below. These factors are something you cannot afford to miss.

Advantages Of Linux Hosting:

Advantages Of Linux Hosting Secure and Stable : Linux is known for its stability and security aspects. Linux web hosting gives you robust platform in terms of data safety and steadiness. Easy Backups : Linux brings you the best in class and easy backup facility through inbuilt tools. Basic Plans :Linux web hosting provides you with the array of basic plans encompassing FTP access, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripting, MySQL services along with email services and ssh access.

Advantages Of Linux Hosting:

Advantages Of Linux Hosting Simple Administration :Unlike all other platforms, Linux offers simple administration benefits without using other software tools. Technical Support :Linux platform comes with a philosophy of providing troubleshooting facility and problem solving function to its users. Making it reliable, technical support and service which is offered by Linux is best in class. Low cost : Linux being an open source platform charges you far lesser in terms of setup, software and monthly costs making it a most preferred solution.

Linux VS Windows Hosting:

Linux VS Windows Hosting Control Panels including cPanel and Web Host Manager are available for Linux hosting in VPS, Reseller and dedicated servers. The applications compatible for web hosting Linux are SSH and scripts of certain Apache modules. Linux is an open source platform. It lets modification and improvement in programs. T he sole control panel for windows hosting is Plesk. Windows Web hosting allows a variety of applications like ASP Classic, ASP.NET, MSSQL, MS Access, Visual Basic Development, C and Remote Desktops for dedicated server only. Windows is not an open source platform. Therefore, it is ranked after Linux web hosting as per this parameters.

Linux VS Windows Hosting:

Linux VS Windows Hosting Linux web hosting is less expensive and therefore is a boon to the users. Linux server hosting is highly safe and reliable. The secure operations of Linux surpass the windows in this aspect. Host file Linux is simple and user-friendly. Due to fewer complexities, Linux web hosting is a better performer in regards to speed and quality. Windows hosting often costs more than Linux web hosting and is, therefore, less adopted. Windows is considered to be less secure in comparison to host file Linux. It is more vulnerable to virus and malware Windows, on the other hand, is a bit complex to use and takes time in functionality.

Top Linux Web Hosting Provider:

Top Linux Web Hosting Provider Bluehost Inmotion hosting Hostgator WpEngine SiteGround


Bluehost Bluehost is one of the finest and efficient hosting company among the 20 largest providers for Linux web hosting. It enables the utilisation of Linux hosting along with amazing features and appreciable customer support. Specifications: Powerful Control Panel Security & Access Control Advanced Email Hosting E-Commerce Optimized

Inmotion Hosting:

Inmotion Hosting It is a highly reliable and safe-to-use web hosting provider which has already gained popularity in the area of hosting service providers. The 99.9% uptime provided by this service provider is the highlighting feature which is highly useful for Linux web hosting.


Hostgator Hostgator is a hosting service provider which is highly appreciated in the field of web hosting providers due to its remarkable uptime. It is favourable for Linux web hosting as it provides regular monitoring facility with backups and a highly advanced knowledge base. For Complete Guide and Review Visit:


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