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Making your CV work for you Ari Eichelberger

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Ari Eichelberger College of Education

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Agenda CV content and format 30 min Look at examples non- examples Discuss with your neighbors 30 min Large group share 15 min

slide 4:

Vita or Vitae Vita is singular “my vita” Vitae is plural “our vitae”

slide 5:

Vita or Vitae Curriculum Vitae is singular Curricula Vitae is plural

slide 6:

Vita or Vitae Vitae defined: “course of one’s life”

slide 7:

Your CV Is unique like you Reflects your academic persona

slide 8:

Resume Summary of professional identity Short concise 1-3 pages Focused on skills work experience for a specific job More general Can be more stylish CV Full picture of scholarly identity Length is relative to purpose Focused on educational credentials and related experience Typically includes bibliography Traditional academic

slide 9:

Early Career More experienced colleagues’ CVs will be longer Yours will grow over time Length is not necessarily strength

slide 10:

Your Discipline Ask questions Do you have examples from your area Do you have a mentor Have you looked in CTE’s library What is emphasized in your area or UHM faculty classification website - advice

slide 11:

What to include There is no one template Design to emphasize your strengths Your CV will depend on CV purpose/audience Experience Field of study

slide 12:

How much to include Content length depend on purpose Longer Tend to remain within the institution Job search TP merit considerations Shorter More appropriate for outside audiences Grant applications speaking engagements

slide 13:

Must have Name and contact Education Relevant experience

slide 14:

Education Discipline Names and locations of degree- granting institutions Dates degrees conferred or anticipated Don’t state you have the degree until it’s official Other relevant educational experiences Professional courses private or specialized study Accuracy counts

slide 15:

Relevant experience Professional experience NOT all jobs Publications Collaborations explain your role This is where you can name drop Your qualifications get you the job or promotion A prominent mentor or collaborator can get you noticed

slide 16:

Other categories Publications Grants Presentations Works in progress Honors and awards Courses taught Licenses Service activities Professional affiliations Categories might be combined if insubstantial website - categories

slide 17:

Should I include No age gender race religion ethnicity No marital or health status No photograph

slide 18:

Technology tools for sharing and measuring impact

slide 19:

CV as document Still most often a word processed file either digital or hard copy Legibility Readability Layout

slide 20:

Text layout

slide 21:

Text Layout Leave 20 white space Use shorter paragraphs Avoid heavy lines

slide 22:

Text Layout Options 2/3 - 1/3 format 2 columns Use tables avoid tabs Try templates

slide 23:

T Serif fonts have feet projections or “serifs” T Sans-serif fonts are without Fonts

slide 24:

Serif fonts Palatino Times Courier Fonts Sans-serif Arial Helvetica Geneva

slide 25:

Serif Serif fonts easier to read in printed media larger bodies of text Sans-serif Serif fonts good for headers projected seen from distance

slide 26:

Working with fonts Use emphasis in headers Try small caps instead of all caps SMALL CAPS VS ALL CAPS Expanding and condensing fonts Format Font character spacing Avoid using more than 3

slide 27:

CV example some headers using expanded font some using condensed font sans-serif headers serif text blocks mixing caps lower case

slide 28:

CV example 2/3 1/3 layout 20 white space

slide 29:

CV example mixing layouts can work

slide 30:

Font size Consider your audience 12 point is best 11 can save space 10 is smallest

slide 31:

Justification Avoid centering large blocks of text Avoid full justification Use ragged right Vestibulum aliquam luctus risus commodo semper. Vestibulum dictum egestas ex eu semper diam commodo at. Duis et sem dictum volutpat arcu eu tristique eros. Nullam eleifend dolor eleifend enim accumsan ac maximus libero suscipit. Phasellus non purus rhoncus iaculis magna vitae consectetur ante. In a elementum velit. Nam feugiat elit a metus aliquet et mattis urna finibus. In elementum velit. Nam feugiat elit a metus aliquet et mattis urna finibus. Phasellus at porta nibh. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Integer aliquet odio at porta eleifend. Quisque vel ante est. Donec eleifend sit amet quam eget viverra. Donec tempus eros ut rutrum molestie dolor ex sodales massa quis porta ipsum orci vitae nibh.

slide 32:

Action words You’ve done a lot Use active vs passive voice Active managed taught evaluated Passive responsibilities included managing teaching evaluating website - action words

slide 33:

Be consistent Organizationally parallel consistent formatting of headers sub headers Grammatically parallel Use same verb type used listed described using listing describing

slide 34:

Avoid over use of acronyms don’t forget to define evaluators aren’t from your field

slide 35:

Formatting For UHM dossier Last first in top right corner Page number is footer centered CV has its own dossier section Reverse chronological order newest to oldest Style of your discipline APA MLA etc Group items under relevant headers

slide 36:

Good design is invisible Makes you look professional Increases self confidence Makes you appear more trustworthy more knowledgable

slide 37:

What you say and how you say it and the visual appearance and physical representation of your words all combine to form the reader’s impression of you. Jean Dowdall Chronicle of Higher Education

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slide 39: Activity Instructions 1. Choose 4 “By Discipline” CVs 2 similar 2 different from your area Review briefly on own 2. Briefly review example non example CVs What stands out How might you apply to your own CV 3. Discuss with neighbors 3-4 people What would change in non-examples What stood out in your reviews What changes might you make to your own CV 4. Share reflections with larger group

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