For People with GAD, Yoga May be an Answer

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Yoga, when done the right way, can make one energetic, happy and aid in maintaining robust health, both mental and physical. “Through the practices of yoga,” says Sharon Gannon, a well-known exponent of yoga, “we discover that concern for the happiness and wellbeing of others, including animals, must be an essential part of our own quest for happiness and wellbeing.”


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For People with GAD Yoga May be an Answer Yoga when done the right way can make one energetic happy and aid in maintaining robust health both mental and physical. “Through the practices of yoga” says Sharon Gannon a well-known exponent of yoga “we discover that concern for the happiness and wellbeing of others including animals must be an essential part of our own quest for happiness and wellbeing.” Yoga can be a veritable tool to treat and manage mental health conditions like depression and anxiety disorders among others. According to a recent study by the Georgia State University yoga can significantly help assuage symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder GAD. Examining the effects of yoga on three patients with GAD the study published in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy in October 2016 explored the potentiality of yoga as an alternative therapy for GAD. Yoga can improve quality of life When afflicted with GAD people tend to fret too much over the future which affects their lives in more ways than one. The lead author of the study Jessica Morgan Goodnight a former graduate student from the Georgia State University observes that this usually leads to muscle tension sleeping problems and stress in relationships. “Psychotherapy usually works really well for anxiety disorders but it doesnt seem to work as well for generalized anxiety disorder” she said. The researchers found that that yoga primarily helps in reducing worry a symptom central to the disorder. Two of the three respondents reported worrying less in their everyday lives after practicing yoga said Jessica. The daily worry ratings of the two participants started weaning with regular yoga sessions. “The third participant was steadily increasing worry before starting yoga but the increasing trend ended and began leveling out after she started practicing yoga” said Goodnight.

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Although this was a pilot study the researchers firmly believe that this would pave the way to future studies in filling up the lacuna between GAD and the benefits of practicing yoga. It can be a great relief for those suffering from GAD to have a new and interesting treatment option in yoga while trying to combat the disorder. Reducing symptoms and improving the quality of life through yoga can be a great option for people with GAD believes Jessica. Dealing with anxiety According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America ADAA almost 6.8 million Americans 3.1 percent are suffering from GAD. Women have double the chances of suffering from GAD as compared to men. Another gray area is that people suffering from an anxiety disorder or GAD are also susceptible to depression. A person can suffer from an anxiety disorder or GAD due to various reasons ranging from genetics brain chemistry to personality and life circumstances. Irrespective of the reason it is essential to treat or manage the symptoms of the problem. For this early intervention is the key. If you have a loved one suffering from an anxiety disorder do not procrastinate and relegate any treatment for the future as this can worsen the situation. Contact the Texas Anxiety Treatment Help for detailed information on anxiety disorders treatment centers in Texas. Symptoms only deteriorate with time so don’t delay. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 866- 487-5015 to get help regarding one of the best anxiety disorders centers in Texas. For more information please visit

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