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Internet Data Collection :

Internet Data Collection Presented By : Anuradha MBA-2


Introduction Internet Data collection is a means of quick survey data collecting by utilizing the internet. Respondents fill in their returns using browser based internet forms. A system administrator subsequently retrieves the completed forms and routes them for further processing. E.g. , , etc…….


Features Save as draft function : this is a very useful feature for users who are unable to complete the survey form during a single log-in. Clicking on the “save as draft” button automatically saves input. When the user logs-in again some later time, he can complete form without having to re-enter his previous input. Validation checks : the system can have validation checks to ensure that the data filled in by the respondent is correct. For example the system can check if the age of a respondent is not older than that of a declared parent. Other checks : users who attempt to submit an incomplete survey form would be reminded with an error message. Some fields in the survey form, e.g. company name, the address are prefilled for users

System Requirement:

System Requirement Hardware Facilities : PC with specific required speed, RAM and Hard Disk, Modem with connection to one of the local ISP. Software facilities : Internet browser such as Microsoft internet explorer. Internet Access : the user is required to have a capability or facility to access internet.


Advantages For the respondent: IDC survey provides a quick and convenient channel for the survey respondents to submit their survey forms via the net. They no longer need to deal with the hassle of filing in paper questionnaires and then mailing or faxing them back to the NSO. They save time and effort. The respondent can provide information for the household at his own time and convenience. Should he not be able to answer all the questions at one go, he can save data on the web server. When he is ready to provide more information, he can retrieve the saved information and complete the forms.

Advantages for the NSO:

Advantages for the NSO IDC survey reduces the manpower efforts on data entry and data editing. The submitted data are transferred from the web server to an internal database maintained by the NSO. As the online survey have built-in validation checks, it reduces effort needed to check for incomplete forms and then calling up respondents to obtain the required data. There will also be timesaving, if the submitted forms are clear and complete. This will help to make possible quicker release of data collection results.

The operation and Management of IDC:

The operation and Management of IDC Form design guidance: form filling on the internet should be kept simple and plain to ensure maximum participation from the respondent. Internet enumeration instructions to the internet respondents: Notification: every house that is selected for enumeration will be notified and provided with a password. The database will carry the names and their Unique Identification Number (UIN). Verification: once the respond logs on the NSO’s Internet enumeration page, he will be prompted for his UIN and password.

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3. Enumeration : upon successful entry in to enumeration page, information items such as name, date of birth will be displayed on screen. The respondent will be requested to fill in information .On line checks will prompt him to re-enter data that are clearly wrong or inconsistent with earlier. 4. Incomplete forms : if the respondent is not able to fill the forms, an option will be able to save it and recall his incomplete forms at a later date. 5 . Confirmation : when the respondent has completed the data form, the internet screen will prompt him for a final confirmation that he has provided.

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