Solar Power: Concentrating Solar Power Systems


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ENG331 - Topic 9 this is a presentation of why solar power is important and the need to find alternative energy sources.


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Solar energy: concentrated solar power:

Solar energy: concentrated solar power Aaron Freeman October 17, 2014 CREATE-AND-CODE CONFERENCE Create-and-Code

Todays standards:

Create-and-Code Todays standards Non-renewable resources Low Efficiency Harmful by-products Dirty

Coal-Fired Power plant:

Create-and-Code Coal-Fired Power plant

Concentrated solar power:

Create-and-Code Concentrated solar power The sun is used as a renewable energy source No environmental pollutants An alternative to fossil fuels

Linear Concentrator System:

Create-and-Code Linear Concentrator System Utilizes Long, U-shaped mirrors to redirect sunlight to a receiver running its length

Dish/Engine System:

Create-and-Code Dish/Engine System Small mirrors arranged like a dish redirect sunlight onto a receiver to generate electricity

Power tower system:

Create-and-Code Power tower system Many mirrors follow the path of the sun, redirecting sunlight to a central receiver to generate electricity

Advantages of solar power:

Create-and-Code Advantages of solar power Electricity for 70,000-90,000 homes per year Refined systems use Nitrate-salt to provide energy at night Cost per kilowatt hour is declining

Disadvantages of solar power:

Create-and-Code Disadvantages of solar power Energy production is much lower at night or during cloudy weather More R&D is needed to make areas in the world as efficient in producing solar energy as the west coast of the USA.

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