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Tow flexx® 180e d Towbarless Electric Tug for Aircraft up to 55,000 lbs / 25,000 kg MTOW TowFLEXX® electric Tugs are the most advanced Aircraft Re-Positioning Systems in its Class, providing unmatched Flexibility, more Precision, and higher Safety.


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600 RC Flexible Safe Efficient Cost Effective Best-In-Class Technology Towbarless Electric Tug for Aircraft up to 132000 lbs / 60000 kg MTOW FLEXX 600 RC Tow

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Vehicle Drive System Electrical Motor System - Dual 2 x High Torque Rotary Drive Gear Motor AC 24V 6 kW 8.16 HP each Effective Power 12 kW 16.32 HP total PMS Permanent Magnet Synchronous IEEE 1202 S2 NEMA IP54 / IP20 Motor Drive Control System Triple 3 x Motor Speed Impulse Contact Control with integrated Diagnostics and Variable Speed Control System Transmission Advanced two Multi-Speed Transmissions high Output Torque Steering RC Remote Control Technology via Motor Control extremely maneuverable and intelligently programmed. Steering is per- formed through two independent electrical Motor controlled 360° Steering Wheels and different Rotating Speed Signals directed to both Processor-Controlled Main Drive Motors. These carefully control the torque proportionally to each of the Drive Wheels. Professional Industrial-Grade Waterproof Remote Control to "Pilot" the ROTVs Movement and Actions easy to use incl. Fail- safe Frequency Spread Spectrum Technology Service Brake Magnetic Spring-applied Brake System 40Nm / 48V Drive Tires Optimum Tread Depth Drive Tires for best Traction 15x4 1/2-8 solid Full-Cushion Heavy-Duty Tires and two 2 x Heavy Duty Puncture Proof Ball Bearing 8” 200 mm Twin Castor Steering Wheels Battery Set of advanced 600Ah rechargeable 48V highly reliable robust Low-Maintenance Lead-Acid Battery Pack incl. Short Circuit Protection. This Battery Pack is resistant to Corrosion capable of high Discharge Rates and has a very low Self-Discharge Rate Battery Charger Advanced Timer Circuit HF Battery Charger for uninterrupted Service incl. Auto Shutdown Function 120 V AC 30A 60Hz with Battery Level Indicator fully integrated incl. Cable 50Hz 220/230V Configuration available GPU Ground Power GPU Connector / Female Plug GPU Cable not included Nose Gear Lift Cradle with HDCS Hydraulic Door Closing System Universal patented Electrical / Hydraulic Wheel Soft Coupling Lifting Aircraft Nose Gear Cradle with proprietary Wheel Size Adjustment. Suitable for Dual Twin and Single Tire Nose Landing Gear. System includes Wheel Tracking Bracket Mechanism Wheel Safety Holding Function Rotable Closing Gates incl. Safety System Hold Down Function for Light-Nosed Aircraft Max Nose Gear Lifting Capacity Pick-Up-Weight 13200 lbs. 6000 kg Max Towing Capacity / Aircraft MTOW Designed and built for Aircraft up to max 132000 lbs 60000 kg MTOW and suitable Nose Gear Configuration Width of Wheel Opening at Nose Gear Lift Cradle 32” 800 mm Time to load fix Aircraft in Seconds 15 Seconds Electric Safety Features Dual E-Stop Safety Feature with Direct Battery Connector Switch Working Light Drive Light Safety Lights Energy saving LED Illumination for the Coupling and Aircraft Interface Area and two LED Drive Head Lights Amber Hazard Warning Light Drive Operation Warning Light Storage Compartments 2 open Storage Compartments left right Speed Loaded with Max Capacity In all Directions: Slow Mode adjustable 0 - 1.90 m/hr 0 - 3 km/h Fast Mode adjustable 0 - 3.73 m/hr 0 - 6 km/h Battery Capacity / Service Time in Hours between Charging 2 - 3 Days in Step depending on Workload and average Usage 4 to 5 Hours continuously at full Load Non-Stop Operation approx. 13 Miles / 20 km depending on Load Aircraft Type Operating Temperature Range from - to + -15°C to +50°C Operating Humidity up to max Relative Humidity in Max 90 Relative Humidity. Can be operated in heavy Rain. Construction Heavy Duty Chassis and Steel Construction with Welded Steel Plate and Polymers protected by Powder Primer and Top-Rated Automotive High-Gloss Red or Silver Metallic Enamel Paint with High Quality protective Polyurethane Coating to prevent Rust Scratches and Corrosion. Custom Colors are optionally available. Sturdy rugged and durable Design for Commercial Use and Applications. Built to last and superior to any other comparable Product Standard Color Red or Silver Metallic / Grey Overall Length 103.54” 2630 mm Overall Width 75.99” 1930 mm Overall Height 17.72” 450 mm Empty Weight 3080 lbs 1400 kg Available Options Additional LED Lights Strobe Light GPU Cable Frame Extension Military Configuration Custom Color Extreme Hot Ambient and Extreme Cold Ambient Configurations Nose Gear Oversteering Protection All Technical Specifications are Subject to Change without Notice. TNA Aviation Technologies reserves the Right to make Changes implement Improvements or to alter Specifications at any Time. 2 600 RC Technical Data Specifications

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The most advanced Tug in it ’s Class providing unmatched Flexi- bility higher Safety fast ROI and most Cost-effective Operations. 3 TowFLEXX ® 600 RC Made for Professionals  Revolutionary Multi-Axel Steering System  Actively 360° Steered Axle Technology  Pendulum Floating Axle  Nose Gear Oversteering Protection System Option  On-The-Spot Turn Ability  Directional Stability

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The T o wFLEXX ® Advantage Towing and maneuvering Aircraft with T o w - FLEXX ® powered by F l y e r- T ruck ® is easy much safer and definitely the most advanced Method of handling Fixed Wing and Helicopter Aircraft. Turning the ROTV turning the nose gear and moving the aircraft are three different actions. The unique To wFLEXX ® 360° technology feature makes the difference. Overall this results in much less space requirements and elevates the hangar and apron utilization. Exit Path required Conventional Tow Tug with Towbar Easy Exit Path The conventional method of hangar utilization. The very same hangar utilizing The hangar is under-utilized and not used at full capacity. The hangar owner is losing revenue. Thanks to T o wFLEXX ® hangar utilization and revenue can be increased up to 40. Our advanced ROTVs signifi- cantly increase the number of aircraft you can place in any hangar. The highly flexi- ble and versatile towing equipment can create up to 40 additional hangar space in average 35 depending on the mix of aircraft gener- ating additional revenue for the FBO or hangar owner / operator. Irrespective of for- ward or reverse motion our ROTVs will always be the un- matched tool and solution to create real additional space inside the hangar. Underutilized Hangar Space 4

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Perimeter Fence Perimeter Fence Perimeter Fence Moving an aircraft the conventional way with a tug and towbar or a traditional towbarless tug requires a lot of space. In order to steer the aircraft considerable movement is required. Turning the nose gear can only be achieved by moving the air- craft forward or back. Extreme cau- tion is required to prevent nose gear oversteering and to avoid damage to the sensitive nose wheel landing gear. The aircraft must be moved several yards before the nose gear can be turned and to steer in a new direction. This conventional method requires significant space. Example 1 with Conventional Tug Example 2 with Example 3 with + 75 + 20 T o wFLEXX ® ROTV’s Remote Operated Tug Vehicle’s provide many Advantages. One major Benefit is the Ability to generate additional Parking Hangar Space. Unmatched flexibility thanks to the revolutionary and proprietary 360° turn feature. You can park and position aircraft by utilizing available space that’s not reachable with a conventional tug. Area required to turn an aircraft 90° with a conventional tow bar tug +40 +75 Inside Hangars Outside Areas Space Utilization Potential 5

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The T owFLEXX ® Difference Thanks to the unique 4-wheel 360° steering and drive control technology the advanced TowFLEXX ® 600 RC can literally turn any aircraft on the spot. That’s highly innovative provides more space additional revenue for the operator and is un- matched compared to any other product in the market. T o wFLEXX ® ROTV’s Remote Operated Tug Vehicle’s are more flexible and simultaneously protect your Aircraft like no other Product in this Category. Operating in tight areas and generating addi- tional hangar space is the hallmark of T ow - FLEXX ® . Operating conventional tow tractors with towbar or conventional towbarless tugs is cumbersome and time consuming. Reaching corners or parking an aircraft against a wall is impossible with those old technolo- gies. Conventional tugs also require significant room for an exit path. Hangar Wall Conventional Tow Tug with Towbar Towbarless Tug Exit Path Exit Path Exit Path Additional Hangar Space Hangar Wall Hangar Wall TowFLEXX ® is providing unmatched flexibil- ity and generates additional hangar space. Area required to turn an aircraft 90° or 360° with 6 Unique and “best-in-class”. The smart 360° steering technology compen- sates rotational resistance and equalizes transverse forces. No gimbal mounted platform and no hydraulic compensators are required. 360° 360°

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7  Universal Soft-Coupling Cradle  HDCS Hydraulic Closing System  Suitable for Dual Twin and Single Tire Nose Gears TowFLEXX ® 600 RC Best-In-Class Technology T o wFLEXX ® Remote Operated Tug Vehicle’s are the most advanced semi-robotic Tow Tugs in its Class providing unmatched Flexibility more Precision and higher Safety.

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T o wFLEXX ® ROTV Remote Operated Tug Vehicle’s are designed for easy Operations. With just a few easy Steps the Aircraft can be engaged secured lifted and towed. STEP Capturing Releasing the Nose Wheel STEP Securing the Nose Wheel STEP Towing the Aircraft  The Engagement Process is initiated by activating a simple Command via the Re- mote Control  Drive the ROTV towards the Nose Wheel  Stop when the Wheel is inside the Cradle STEP Closing Opening the Gate  The HDCS Gate closes and the Nose Wheel Twin or Single Tire will be locked into Position  The same Process in Reverse when the Nose Wheel is released  The Wheel Safety Bracket moves into Position and automatically adjusts for different Wheel Sizes  The Nose Wheel is now completely secured and the Cradle lifts up raising the Nose Gear  The entire Process of Capturing the Nose Wheel is completed after approx. 15 Seconds  Now the Operator can move and maneu- ver the Aircraft effortless safely and quickly 8

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Dimensions Weights 9 Save Time Money and Effort with TowFLEXX ® 103.55” 2630 mm 75.99” 1930 mm 103.55” 2630 mm 31.50” 800 mm 75.99” 1930 mm 17.72” 450 mm 20.28” 515 mm 16.30” 415 mm Empty Weight: 3080 lbs 1400 kg Packing Pallet: 561 lbs 255 kg approx. Shipping Weight: 3641 lbs 1655 kg approx.

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10 600 RC Durable Extensively Tested Optimum Tread Depth Tires for best Traction Wheel Safety Holding Function Hydraulic Door / Gate Closing Sys- tem HDCS with Safe Lock Electrical Systems Hydraulics Compartment LED Cradle Work Lights Unique Universal Electrical / Hydraulic Soft Coupling Aircraft Nose Gear Lifting Cradle with Wheel Size Adjust- ment and Safety Lock Functions Electrical Systems Hydraulic Compartment Safety Bumper Bar E-Stop E-Stop Drive Direction Indicator LED Work Light Heavy Duty Twin Castor 360° Steering Wheels Integrated Battery Charger Master Key Battery Level Indicator with Hour Meter Charging Indicator Battery Compartment “Right” Battery Compartment “Left” Safety Bumper Bar Steering Wheel Electric Motor Robust Multi- Speed Differential Optimum Tread Depth Tires for best Traction GPU Connector

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TowFLEXX ® 600 RC for Military Applications T o wFLEXX ® ROTV’s Remote Operated Tug Vehicle’s are perfectly suited for Military Applications both On-Shore on Base and Off-Shore on Navy Vessels. 11

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Our aircraft moving equipment and towbarless tugs are designed by pilots and engineers who understand the importance of being able to guide an aircraft around a hanger and airfield with absolute precision. FlyerTruck ® tow equipment and ground handling systems are advanced German engineered products applying latest technologies unmatched quality and precision. Our ultra modern high-tech fac- tory is the best example of cost-effective high-quality manufacturing. It is one of the most modern factory floors of its kind like a Swiss watch with the same level of precision. A high degree of automation with a multitude of other advanced manufacturing technologies including laser cutting innovative combined bonding and welding. The factory follows production methods that sets the standard for world-class manufacturing facilities since 1953. Our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with United States UL SAE International technical standards and best practices including ARP recommended guidelines as well as all applicable ASME and ANSI standards and codes. Where applica- ble our products also conform with OSHA standards and safety rules as well as applicable mechanical engineering standards and recommended practices. Flyer-Truck ® is in compliance with all applicable ISO standards. ISO 9001 - We manufacture our Aircraft Tow Vehi- cles to the highest standards in the industry. We are in compliance with: DIN 15641 15018 18800 4112 4132 1055 10025 1543 1013 17210 10149 EN 12895 61000 292 418 954-1 95 1050 60-204 60-529 1175 18349 1915 PR-12312-7 51000 SAE J551 equivalent TNA - Aviation Technologies A Division of Turwitt Nielen Associates P.A. 4475 US Hwy 1 South Suite 202 - Plaza South St. Augustine FL 32086 - USA Tel.: +1-904-217-0496 12 Website:

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