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America’s Voice for Community Health Care The NACHC Mission To promote the provision of high quality, comprehensive and affordable health care that is coordinated, culturally and linguistically competent, and community directed for all medically underserved people.

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Community HealthCorps*VISTA Overview

History of VISTA : 

VISTA 101 History of VISTA Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, established Volunteers In Service To America National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, establishes the Corporation for National Service, who created and manages AmeriCorps, Senior Service Corps, Learn and Serve and now VISTA. In 1999, NACHC begins with 35 members in New York State.

Fundamentals : 

VISTA 101 Fundamentals AmeriCorps*VISTA’s mission centers on the basic assumption that private citizens can, on a voluntary basis, contribute to the solution of poverty and poverty related problems. AmeriCorps* VISTA members’ role in addressing the problems of poverty are to mobilize community resources and increase the capacity of the low-income community to solve its own problems. Members serve as important links between local sponsors and the people being served. Crucial to the concept of local self reliance that hosting sites plan for the eventual phase-out of the AmeriCorps*VISTA members and the absorption of the members’ functions by the community.

VISTAs Mainly Perform Indirect ServiceDevelop, Create and Expand Structures, Systems, Policies and Procedures : 

VISTA 101 VISTAs Mainly Perform Indirect ServiceDevelop, Create and Expand Structures, Systems, Policies and Procedures Resource Development Research Grants Fundraising/special events Partnership & Collaborations Advising partners Partnering organizations together Communications Publications Newsletters Public Relations Messaging Technology Volunteer Generation Recruit Train Manage

HealthCorps*VISTA : 

VISTA 101 HealthCorps*VISTA The goal of Community HealthCorps*VISTA is to improve the capacity of health centers to provide quality health services and programs to medically underserved people.

HealthCorps*VISTA’s Work to: : 

VISTA 101 HealthCorps*VISTA’s Work to: Increase access: Develop new programs and/or expand existing programs to new sites. Outreach strategically to bring more community members to available service. Generate resources to support and sustain new and existing programs. Develop community partnerships and collaboratives to maximize resources and reach wider audiences. Develop volunteer programs to provide more services and reach more people. Eliminate health disparities: Develop and implement educational programs to disseminate health information & influence health behavior change. Establish or strengthen collaborative care models that ensure patients get comprehensive, coordinated care.

VISTA Projects can include any or all of the following outputs and related activities : 

VISTA 101 VISTA Projects can include any or all of the following outputs and related activities Needs Assessment Develop and administer surveys Conduct focus groups Analyze related data Report findings Resource Generation Plan fundraising events Write grants Solicit in kind donations of goods and services Volunteer Generation and Management Write policy and procedure manuals Create positions (after assessing the needs) Recruit Train Manage Community Outreach Strategic outreach planning Create materials Event planning Program Evaluation Identify stakeholders Develop evaluation questions Design and conduct an evaluation Determine data-collection methods Collect data Analyze interpreting data Communicate findings Program Development or Replication Conduct a needs assessment and analyze results Research new opportunities Project implementation

Some Current VISTA Member Roles : 

VISTA 101 Some Current VISTA Member Roles Planned Care Coordinator Obesity Prevention Curriculum Developer HIV Treatment Adherence Coordinator Community Health Education Center Developer Health Literacy Coordinator Pediatric Literacy Coordinator Volunteer Program Developer

NACHC Expectations of Host Sites : 

VISTA 101 NACHC Expectations of Host Sites Computer, desk and phone must be in place before VISTA arrives at the host site. NACHC recommends that host sites support at least two VISTA members at one time. Host sites must pay matching dollars ($5,000 to $6,000/member). Host sites must submit a completed Project Station Application. NACHC recommends that site supervisors have supervision meetings with the VISTA member at least once a week. Host sites must offer trainings to VISTA members for further educational and professional development. Host sites must evaluate VISTA members 90 day, mid-way and at the end of the service term. Site supervisors must validate by signature that VISTA member timesheets are accurate. Site supervisors must contribute to the quarterly VISTA progress reports.

Benefits and Services for VISTA Members and Sponsors : 

VISTA 101 Benefits and Services for VISTA Members and Sponsors For Members $4,725 education award or $1,200 post-service stipend Health coverage for all members assigned to your project Training in project management and leadership for members Travel costs associated with training Moving allowance for members relocating to serve Liability coverage for all members, under the Federal Employees Compensation Act and the Federal Torts Claims Act. Child care for income-eligible members FICA For Sponsors Member PSO provided by AmeriCorps*VISTA or NACHC Payroll services: Members receive their stipends directly from AmeriCorps*VISTA or NACHC Assistance with recruiting members

Next Steps : 

VISTA 101 Next Steps Strengthen current program design Refine program focus areas and standardize VISTA member activities Plan for Community HealthCorps*VISTA expansion as National Project with CNCS.

Additional Information : 

Additional Information In California: Alex Reyes – In New York: Sherina Davis – VISTA 101

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