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Site Supervisor Training for a CA VISTA program


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Community HealthCorps*VISTA Site Supervisor Training California Program November 24, 2008

Community HealthCorps*VISTA : 

Community HealthCorps*VISTA 1

Roles of Staff at Program Sponsor Sites & Placement Sites (Best Practices, variance across sites) : 

Roles of Staff at Program Sponsor Sites & Placement Sites (Best Practices, variance across sites) 2

Project Station Application : 

Project Station Application Must be completed in order to be considered for a new or continuing HealthCorps*VISTA member Application process: Complete Application by requested deadline Create VISTA Assignment Description and Project Plan Begin Nomination process for VISTA member placement 3

Project Station Application : 

Project Station Application Provides important information to potential sites and Project Coordinator Project Station Responsibilities Prohibited Activities of AmeriCorps VISTA Members Community HealthCorps VISTA Member Recruitment Allowable Scope of Activities & Focus Areas National Logic Model for Community HealthCorps*VISTA Projects Site Supervisor Agreement 4

Ideal VISTA Project Station : 

Ideal VISTA Project Station Health Centers and PCA’s that are interested in expanding their capacity and quality of their health services and programs. Developmental or new positions, services and/or programs Involves service that expands availability and quality of services and/or programs Utilizes unique gifts and talents of individual members Does not use a member to displace any paid employee providing the same or similar service at the site Provides opportunities for members to perform service that addresses health and/or human needs in the community 5

Member Benefits : 

Member Benefits VISTA members receive a yearly living allowance of $10,380 to $14,784, from $865 to $1,232 gross per month, this is taxable Choice between end of service award of $1,200 stipend or $4,725 education award. Stafford and Perkins loan deferment and forbearance. Health coverage—limited insurance and Medicaid coverage. Food stamp eligibility. Childcare assistance. 10 vacation/10sick/5 emergency days/holidays that your site VISTAs who are moving may receive up to $550 for relocation, depending on the distance moved. 6

VISTA Site Supervisor Roles & Responsibilities : 

VISTA Site Supervisor Roles & Responsibilities Day-to-day management of the member Meet with the member at least one hour every weeks Become familiar with the Member Contract Know which member activities are allowable and prohibited Provide members with an orientation and any agency or position-specific training they will need to carry out their assigned tasks Work with the Program Coordinator to develop the member VAD and project plan, and ensure that all member activities are reflected Verify member service hours on timesheets Participate with the VISTA member’s monthly reporting Participate in the member 90 day, mid-term and end-of-term evaluation process 7

Qualities of an “Ideal” HealthCorps*VISTA Site Supervisor : 

Qualities of an “Ideal” HealthCorps*VISTA Site Supervisor Possesses a full understanding of the AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps*VISTA, and Community HealthCorps program Has qualifications to provide growth and support to members Has time to devote to mentor and supervise the member Provides members with an orientation and any agency or position-specific training they will need to carry out their assigned tasks Orient agency staff about the Community HealthCorps, HealthCorps*VISTA, and AmeriCorps and the roles and responsibilities of any HealthCorps members assigned to them Supervises member’s day-to-day performance, assists member with monthly reporting, evaluates the member, approves timesheets, participates in the development of project plans and VAD 8

HealthCorps*VISTA Recruitment SOP : 

HealthCorps*VISTA Recruitment SOP Local Recruitment Process Project station is responsible for recruiting, screening, and interviewing the applicant. Applicant sent on to VISTA project coordinator and portal National Recruitment Process Applicant received via portal VISTA project coordinator screens applicants, forwards screened applicants to project station contact 9

Community HealthCorps*VISTA Member Eligibility Requirements : 

Community HealthCorps*VISTA Member Eligibility Requirements Applicants must meet the following criteria and provide required documentation in order to be eligible to enroll in AmeriCorps: Complete an online application packet at Complete program site interview process, which include reference check Be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National or a lawful permanent resident alien of the United States. Individuals in the U.S. under a student, work, or tourist visa are not eligible to become AmeriCorps members. At least 18 years of age at the commencement of service (or 17 with parental permission) Have a high school diploma or GED or agree to obtain a GED while serving 10

CA VISTA Member Nomination Process : 

CA VISTA Member Nomination Process Project coordinator informs sites of the nomination deadline provided by the CNCS state office. Process begins with members acceptance of offered project station position. Project station notifies project coordinator Coordinator starts nomination process with member and project station Coordinator provides the sponsor evaluation form to the project station for completion 11

Member Contract : 

Member Contract A Community HealthCorps Member Contract MUST be completed and signed by the member, and Site Supervisor before the member begins serving. The Contract must be then sent to the VISTA Project Coordinator. The Member Contract outlines the following information: Eligibility (Birth Certificate or Legal Permanent Resident Card) Term of Service Service Description Benefits (including living allowance, training, child care, health care, loan forbearance) Rules of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedure Release or Suspension from Term of Service Member Restrictions Grievance Procedure 12

Member Roles: Direct vs. Indirect Service : 

Member Roles: Direct vs. Indirect Service Direct Service: Work that addresses human needs, the environment, public safety, and/or education. It is working directly with people to make a change. Indirect Service or Capacity-Building Activities: Member training, curriculum development, grant writing, etc. Creating structures that increase access to Health Centers. VISTA members are able to do direct service if it is directly related to the assignments indirect service. An example would be evaluating newly created health curriculum by testing it during an education session. 13

Employee Displacement & Duplication : 

Employee Displacement & Duplication An AmeriCorps member is not: an employee of the program is not to be confused with a community volunteer is not to be confused with an intern or student Given that members are not employees, they are not allowed to perform an employee’s duties or otherwise displace employees A member may not fill in for an absent employee Members may not, under any circumstances, perform services, or activities that had been assigned to an employee or volunteer or to an employee or volunteer who has recently resigned or been discharged Programs may not use members, even temporarily, to replace staff (i.e. fill in when they are sick, on maternity leave, and/or offsite for any reason) 14

VISTA only unallowable : 

VISTA only unallowable Members can not receive gifts and/or monetary items that supplement the members income, i.e. gift cards Members are required to be available for service 24 hours, 7 days. HealthCorps*VISTA expects members to serve a minimum of 40 hours a week Members can not have a second job or take classes during their term of service. Classes related to the position and approved by the site supervisor, project coordinator, and the Corporation for National and Community Service are allowed 15

Community HealthCorps*VISTA Member Project Plan and VAD’s : 

Community HealthCorps*VISTA Member Project Plan and VAD’s The VAD is expected to change throughout the course of a members service year. A new project plan and/or VISTA Assignment Description must be submitted if the member’s duties change significantly. Changes can include the estimated planned period of work; additions or removals of activity or steps in that activity; output/outcomes reported; or if a new site supervisor is in place. Updated project plan and VAD are signed by the member, and site supervisor, and sent to the project coordinator. 16

VISTA Reporting Procedures : 

VISTA Reporting Procedures Three monthly reports Reports on outputs developed in the project plan. This report should be based on actual results, with instruments and indicators attached. VISTA Assignment Description will be updated monthly with the progress/process of the assignment according to the expected planned period of work and results. Member and site supervisor data collection, survey is provided by NACHC through monkey survey Data updates Member and supervisor development 17

Member Expectations : 

Member Expectations Scheduled And Unscheduled Days - Members are either Scheduled or Not Scheduled. When a member is not scheduled, they will not receive service hours. Attendance - Consistent and reliable attendance is essential to providing service. Tardiness - Members are expected to report to their service sites as scheduled and be ready to serve at the scheduled time. Service Abandonment Policy -If an AmeriCorps member does not report to his/her service site and does not contact his/her Host Site Supervisor or Lead Agency for three consecutive days, it will be considered “service abandonment.” Service Hour Logs -AmeriCorps members are required to complete a Service Hour Log for each stipend period. The original copy with appropriate signatures should be submitted to the Program Coordinator by the Site Supervisor directly, or by the member in a sealed envelope (signed by the Site Supervisor over the flap to ensure it is not tampered with) 18

Breaks & Service Requirements : 

Breaks & Service Requirements DAILY BREAKS REQUIREMENTS Lunch Breaks Members must be scheduled for a 30 minute lunch break if the member is scheduled for a 6-8 hour service day. Members exceeding the allotted lunch break will be docked service hours. Breaks Breaks are designed for members to use the restroom, get water, etc. Members are authorized a 15 minute break for every 4 hours served. NATIONAL SERVICE DAYS REQUIREMENTS Throughout the year, AmeriCorps members have opportunities to come together for special events related to their service on National Service Days: Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day of Service — Monday in January AmeriCorps Week — May AmeriCorps Graduation Ceremonies — August through October 19

VISTA member leave benefits : 

VISTA member leave benefits 10 Vacation days, must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance 10 sick days, these must be documented in the hours sheet 5 emergency days, must provide documentation of the emergency The member vacation sick day approval form must be completed 20

Timekeeping : 

Timekeeping Timesheets are to be completed by the member on a regular basis (usually once per week or bi-weekly) The site supervisor signs the timesheet, certifying that the member served the hours indicated Timesheets should be submitted to the Project Coordinator by the site supervisor directly, or by the member in a sealed envelope (signed by the site supervisor over the flap to ensure it is not tampered with) The timesheets must properly track member vacation, sick and emergency days 21

Steps of the Progressive Discipline Procedure : 

Steps of the Progressive Discipline Procedure Step One: Written Warning Notification Step Two: Pre-Termination Notice When a behavior or situation has not been corrected. Step Three: Termination Notice When a behavior or performance situation has not been corrected in accordance with the Pre-Termination Notice, a member may receive a Termination Notice. These steps must be documented and sent to the Project Coordinator. 22

Release for Cause : 

Release for Cause RELEASE FROM TERM OF SERVICE FOR CAUSE AmeriCorps Program members may be released from service for cause and will not receive any portions of the Educational Award. RESUMPTION OF SERVICE AFTER RELEASE: Any individual released for cause who wishes to reapply to the program from which he/she was released, or to any other AmeriCorps program is required to disclose the release to that program. Failure to disclose to an AmeriCorps program will render the member ineligible to receive the AmeriCorps education award even upon successful completion the service term. 23

Member Early Termination Request : 

Member Early Termination Request Member decides to end service early Inform VISTA Project Coordinator within 10 business days of decision VISTA project coordinator will follow up with VISTA member, and send Future Plans Form Future Plans Form is completed by member and project station supervisor Completed Future Plans Form is sent to VISTA project coordinator Project coordinator sends form on to state CNCS office, copies are kept in members file CNCS decides if member is eligible for pro-rated award 24

Changing End of Service Award : 

Changing End of Service Award Members that chose an education award are able to change to an end of service stipend prior to their 10th month of service (during 9th month of service). The project coordinator must be contacted, and a form must be completed in order to change the end of service award. Members that chose an end of service stipend award are unable to change this to an education award. 25

Training : 

Training Three main types of member training: Pre-Service Orientation & Training - Community HealthCorps*VISTA members participate in an intensive pre-service training sponsored by the Corporation for National & Community Service. On-Site Orientation and In-Service Training - On-site orientation is conducted by NACHC and the Project Station. Continuing Development Training (CDT) – The VISTA Project Coordinator, supervisors, and members will identify and complete specific, skill based training necessary for the member to complete their term of service successfully, along with trainings that provide professional development. Attending the member trainings provided to other HealthCorps members is encouraged. 26

Member Performance Evaluation : 

Member Performance Evaluation Every member should receive 3 performance evaluation: 90 day, mid-term and end-of-term Review is focused on Whether the member has competed the required service time Whether the member has satisfactorily completed assignments, and Whether the member has met other performance criteria that were clearly communicated in writing at the beginning of the term of service or previous evaluations. Review is conducted by the Site Supervisor and the member Review should be an evaluation of past performance and future expectations Communicate review to members verbally and in writing Members will receive a copy of their evaluation 27

Member Close of Service : 

Member Close of Service Occurs a month to a month and half before service ends Future Plans Form Member completes Part A, and signs and dates form. Site supervisor is to complete section B, which includes a description of the members major duties and accomplishments, and rate the member. Final appraisal 28

Being a Supportive Site Supervisor : 

Being a Supportive Site Supervisor Properly orient members to the site: Introduce them to staff, give them a tour of the site, discuss the organizational culture and norms Communicate site-specific expectations: Lunch breaks, leave, confidentiality, dress code, equipment usage, etc. Provide members in advance with calendars of scheduled meetings, trainings, and service hours Provide members with resources and tools needed to perform effectively Provide members with appropriate mentoring and leadership opportunities that will enhance their professional development 29

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Community HealthCorps VISTA Training & Technical Assistance Team Monitoring & Compliance Team Monday, June 16, 2008 For more information please contact: Alex Reyes Email: Phone: 415-355-2278 Website: 30

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