Arev Jr's Flashback

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flashback arev jr’s twenty first birthday celebration

Slide 2:

Our Grand Uncle Xavier Tattha

Slide 3:

Our Cousin Vinod

Slide 4:

Our Grand Aunt Nanny Helen

Slide 5:

Our Uncle Uncle Prabha

Slide 6:

Our Cousin Tina Akka

Slide 8:

Arev’s childhood friend Vinoth With Vinoth’s brother Santhosh

Slide 9:

Arev’s childhood friend Shavin

Slide 10:

Our Cousin Kenisha

Slide 11:

O ur Grand Aunt Lalitha

Slide 12:

Our Grand Aunt Sudha Patti

Slide 13:

Our Cousin Sandra Akka

Slide 14:

Our Great Grand Aunt Jurong Patti

Slide 15:

Our Cousin Kavee

Slide 16:

Our Grand Aunt Nanny Claire

Slide 17:

Our Beloved Grandmother Nenek

Slide 18:

Our Grand Aunt Tina Patti

Slide 19:

Our Uncle Uncle Siva

Slide 20:

Now before we end... The Sheiks of Dubai have generously agreed to send our Birthday Boy/Man some birthday wishes.

Slide 21:

Sheik Arev-Al-Gulab-Jamun Sheik Arvind-Al- Jujubee


  Hope you enjoyed the presentation! Please enjoy the rest of the evening as well!

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