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In this document, AResourcePool is providing the solutions for some basic problems in PHP platform. In PHP development, we face different type of problem while we are going to write code for the website development. If you are also facing these types of problems, this blog is going to help you. These solutions are provided by the experts of PHP Developers. AResourcePool have the professional programmers and developers to solve your website related problems. Feel free to contact us.


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Five Common PHP Problems and Solutions PHP is a vast subject that needs lots of study to get done. It is a most-used open fount general-purpose scripting language that is particularly satisfied for web development and can be inserted into HTML. Today we are giving answers of top Php related question which will help you to done the process. Here solutions are provided by the top PHP Development Company AResourcePool. How to store image in core Php using input type file Are you looking for the ways to upload or store an image in core Php using input type file If yes so here we are. Php script is very popular as it is using with a HTML form to let the users to upload files to the different server. At first the files are uploaded into a transitory directory as well as it moved to a target by a PHP script. Here are some procedures of uploading a file. So here you go:  Open a page which contains a HTML where you can feature an image text files and browser button as well as submit button.  Now click on the browser button and select the desired file to upload from your computer or laptop.  You will now see the entire file of the selected path. So choose where you wanna store it and press submit button.  The file will send to the directory which is only temporary on the server.  Php script was particular as the outline handler in the forms action attribute. Now check is the file exist and then copy to the directory.  You can make sure your success by using PHP script. Meanwhile it is really important to seek permission when writing files for permanent location or for temporary location. Whatever file you are uploading can be the image file or it can be the text file or whatever document you are uploading. How to create an upload form To create an upload form you will need HTM coding because it has certain attribute of post as well as enctype attribute which is set to multipart. php

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ifisset_FILESimage errors array file_name _FILESimagename file_size _FILESimagesize file_tmp _FILESimagetmp_name file_type_FILESimagetype file_extstrtolowerendexplode._FILESimagename extensions array"jpeg""jpg""png" ifin_arrayfile_extextensions false errors"extension not allowed please choose a JPEG or PNG file." iffile_size 2097152 errorsFile size must be excately 2 MB ifemptyerrorstrue move_uploaded_filefile_tmp"images/".file_name echo "Success" else print_rerrors

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html body form action"" method"POST" enctype"multipart/form-data" input type"file" name"image" / input type"submit"/ /form /body /html How can I test to see if value is 0 or null in PHP Php is a vast subject that contains many elements and one of the major elements of Php is to check 0 null or empty and isset status. It has various functions to check whether it is good or not or to test the value of the variables. There are three important functions of Php such as isset empty and is_null. This factors help to return a Boolean value. Boolean value is the used to determine the value of these functions. The result would be unexpected if it is not used in a right ways. There are two functions which functions opposite isset and empty. Well it is not always true there is certain difference between all. So here have a look at these functions:

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1. issetFrom PHP manual – isset: Isset is used to decide that if a variable is set and is not NULL. If we say in other words then it is used to determine the return is true only when not null is the variable. 2. emptyFrom PHP Manual – empty: Empty is used to decide that if a variable is empty.If we talk in other terms then it will return true if the variable is empty. It will show false array NULL “0 0 and an unset variable. 3. is_nullFrom PHP Manual – is_null: Null is used to find if a variable is Null or not. In other words if we say then the returns true then only when the variable shows null result. is_null is opposite of isset except for one difference that isset can be applied to unknown variables but is_null only to declared variables. How to delete row from table using PHP pdo You can utilize the assignments table in the example database for the showing. Before going ahead with this instructional exercise you ought to pursue the PHP MySQL make table instructional exercise to make the errands table and addition test information for rehearsing. PHP MySQL Delete: Tasks Table:To erase information in a table you utilize the accompanying advances: Associate with the MySQL database by making another case of the PDO object. First of all build a DELETE explanation to erase a column numerous lines or all lines in a table. On the off chance that you need to erase all columns in a major table rapidly and all the more proficiently you utilize the TRUNCATE TABLE proclamation. Execute the DELETE articulation by calling the executive strategy for the PDO object or the execute technique for the PDOStatement object.

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 PHP MySQL Delete information models  PHP MySQL: erase a solitary column model  To erase a solitary column in a table you utilize the DELETE articulation with a WHERE condition that determines which line to erase.  The accompanying content erases a column with id 2 in the assignments table. How it functions When we talk about__construct technique for the DeleteDataDemo class we interface with the MySQL database by starting a case of the PDO class and in the __destruct strategy we close the database association. The erase technique acknowledges the id as the contention. In the first place we call the get ready technique for the PDO item to set up the DELETE explanation for execution and after that we pass an exhibit that contains values comparing to the named placeholders in the DELETE proclamation to the execute strategy for the PDOStatement object. To erase the undertaking with id 2 we make an example of the DeleteDataDemo class and call the erase strategy. PHP MySQL: erase all columns in a table precedents There are two different ways to erase all columns in a table:  Issue a DELETE explanation without a WHERE statement.  Issue a TRUNCATE TABLE explanation. Getting Data from Multiple Databases: There can be different issues which can face while fetching data from multiple databases but issue you will have is consolidating the information. In a solitary database you keep up information honesty by characterizing outside keys. Different tables may have things identified with clients so they may have a user_id field.

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In a solitary database you would characterize a remote key connection between that user_id field and the id field on the client table which means just existing id esteems from the client table could be embedded in the othertable::user_id field. You cant do outside key connections between tables in various databases so I dont have the foggiest idea how youre going to interface the two arrangements of information into a solitary dataset. Notwithstanding expect you have a pseudo remote key as above however itwont be utilized by the databases to look after honesty. At that point need to do some sort of for/for each circle more than one dataset remove the key which joins it to the next dataset at that point glance through the second dataset for the coordinating key. So there are certain steps which involved in it so have a look:  make first association config conn1 mysqli_connectserver1 username password dbname  make second association config conn2 mysqli_connectserver2 username password dbname2  select information with conn config and store into result variable exhibit  for each result embed it into second database utilizing conn2 How to display data record in database from vertical to horizontal: There are many different ways to arrange data in a vertical to the horizontal database in Php. You will get two favourable circumstances and weaknesses to these strategies for social database information association. I completely depend on the requirements of the business as well it also depends on the need for the development. The traditional way of any data in a table is a horizontal layout. Whatever data is recorded is go in a row and columns format runs horizontally. On the other hand the second way is vertical. This way is very specific as well as it stores data that only have a column for real data. Here have a look at the example of data record in database from vertical to horizontal.

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Table for Horizontal: ID First_Name Last_Name Dept Sex 123 Vlad Kofman IT M 234 Jim Cramer Marketing M 456 Olimpia Dukakis Accounting F Table for Vertical ID Key Value 123 First_Name Vlad 234 First_Name Jim 456 First_Name Olimpia 123 Last_Name Kofman 234 Last_Name Cramer 456 Last_Name Dukakis 123 Dept IT

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234 Dept Marketing 456 Dept Accounting 123 Sex M 234 Sex M 456 Sex F How enable in php long query strings: Selecting Encrypted Username from DB: There is very common question always hit the mind of the users that how Selecting Encrypted Username from DB So to encrypt the process does the data in the database unreadable from data in word processors. There can be no one decipher of its data when the database is encrypted. Any database can be encrypted by utilizing the standard access menus. In both the cases database that you are encrypting cannot be opened. Follow this step to Encrypted Username from DB:  Step 1: Select the tool by going to the setting. You will get options like Encrypt/Decrypt Database in the menu options.  Step 2: You will see the encrypt/decrypt database dialogue from which choose the file which you want to encrypt. Press Okay.  Step 3: If a user chooses the name which already exists in the files then access will remove the original file after it concludes the

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process of encryption is successful. One of the best things that you can do in this situation is to take back up of the original database. Encrypting with Code: If you have used runtime version of Access to distribute your application and wants to give all the Php users the capability to encrypt the database you have to enter database course such as ADO. The following code will look like this: Sub EncryptstrDBNotEncrypted As String _ strDBEncrypted As String Dim je As Nwe JRO.JetEngine Je.CompactDatabase SourceConnection:"Data Source" _ strDBNotEncrypted "" _ DestConnection:"Data Source" strDBEncrypted _ " Jet OLEDB:Encrypt DatabaseTrue" End Sub That’s all the folk about Php. If you are looking for such services you can contact Aresourcepool. The company has the best solution for all the above mentioned concept. Click here for visit our website:

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