Great Britain – everyday life

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Great Britain – everyday life:

Great Britain – everyday life Natalia Herejczak V „a”

British morning:

British morning Traditional British Breakfast contains British sausages, slices of bacon, fried eggs and toast. At breakfast englisth people drink generally coffe, tea or fruit juces. After eating a neal, addults go to work and chlidren to school. In british schools students wear the uniforms.

Public transport:

Public transport Britsh usually travel by taxi. In London very popular are red storey buses and the rubway. In the Unitet Kingdom left hand drive spaces.

The afternoon in Great Britain:

The afternoon in Great Britain British often eat fast food for lunch. The typical meal is fish and chips and pudding.

Real English Tea:

Real English Tea The afternoon tea is a light meal typically eaten between 4 pm and 6 pm. It is drinking in the company of bread and butter, jam and little cakes.

Evening in Great Britain:

Evening in Great Britain Supper in the United Kingdom is usually warm meal. Cottage pie and pasta meal are often eaten. At the and on the table appears cheese and fruits.

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