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Explore and order wide range of Swimming Pool Chillers of best quality at Arctic Heat pumps and regulate your pool temperature in warmer climates. Visit website:


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Why Do You Buy Arctic Pool Spa Heat Pumps Phone: 866-800-8123 Website: Email:

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⦿ If you leave the pool untreated in the warm weather it will become a green mess quickly. This is where Arctic Cold Pool Spa Heat Pump – one of the best chillers for swimming pools comes in handy. I t ’ s a hybrid heater that helps in heating and chillingthepool water. ⦿ This pool and spa heat pump comes with automatic temperaturefunction whichallowsyou set the temperatureas per your preference. However it will maintainthe temperature by cooling when the water exceeds the set point or by heating whenthewatergoesbelowthesetpoint. ⦿ Do you live in warmer climates And own a pool If yes then regulating the pool temperature from gettingtohotcanbeahassle.Temperatureofwater goingabove30Cor86Fcanbeproblematic.Firstof all warmertemperature is perfect for thegrowth of algaeandotherbacteria. ⦿ Secondly the warm water makes the dissipation of chlorine gas much faster. This means it requires stronger doses than usual. If you add more chlorine it makes your eyes and skin uncomfortable and irritated. 2

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3 ⦿ Again if y o u ’ r e living in tropical climates having one of the best built-in chillers for swimmingpoolscomeinhand.Itwillmake your pool session much more enjoyable. You will feel welcomed after taking a refreshingdipamidstsummerheatwave. ⦿ If y o u ’ r e looking for an energy efficient heater and chiller in one unit then Arctic Pool Spa Heat Pump is a right choice for you.Thisheat pumpworksincoldweather effortlessly. You can take advantage of yearroundsavings.Thiscoldweatherheat pump work below 20 F -7 Cand can heat upthepool orhottubupto104F.

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⦿ The Arctic series heat pump comes with titanium heat exchangers and hot gas defrost along with features like time of the day programming and quiet 47 DB DC fan motors. It has COPs as high as 5 andisoneof themost affordablewaysofheatingyourpool orspainanyweathercondition. ⦿ If the hot weatherheats youup you can enjoy chilling up inyour pool or hot tub anytimethrough the Arctic Pool Heat Pump. This pool chillercan keep your pool or tub cool to as low as 45 Fin theheat of summerandswitchtoheatingmodeautomaticallybysimplytouching abutton.Forthosewhowant a coldimmersion therapyyoucanturnyourspaintoacoldplungetubwheneveryouwant. ⦿ This heat pump works on the refrigeration cycle and won ’t get affected by humidity. The health benefits of cold water emersion therapy have been highly recognized by the medical community. When you take short dips in cold water it can improve your heart rate and can stimulate the nervous system.ThisArcticPoolSpaChillercanreducethetemperaturestolowas45F. 4

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Why do you use Arctic Pool Spa Chiller ⦿ This spa chiller for swimming pool allows you set your desired temperature to maintain. It will chill or heat your pool automatically as required. ⦿ This heat pump unit helps you conserve water and w o n ’ t work on evaporationlikeotherchillers. ⦿ The heat pump delivers consistent performance regardless of humidity level. ⦿ It features titanium heat exchanger that is impervious to harsh water chemistry. It w o n ’ t get affected by high levels of chlorine or salt water pools. 5

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⦿ BottomLine – ⦿ Wanttolearnmoreaboutspachillers forswimmingpoolsIfyes then feel free to contact Arctic Heat Pumps at 1-866-800-8123 or visit website : pools.html. 6

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