Engage the Services of an ALTA Surveyor

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An ALTA Surveyor conducting ALTA survey could gather information regarding the title of the property along with its actual location and other specifications.


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Engage the Services of an ALTA Surveyor to Get Detailed Survey of the Property You wish to Lend


Some Advantages Of Using ALTA Land Survey Uniform Standard Encroachments Revealed Familiarity Consistent Scope of Work Hess Petroleum Terminal

Uniform Standard :

Uniform Standard The ALTA standards are universally uniform, it becomes easy for the title company to evaluate the survey and inscribe title insurance on the property. This controls the financial risk for the proprietor, as well as seller.

Encroachments Revealed :

Encroachments Revealed A detailed ALTA survey should be able to demonstrate potential encroachments through the survey drawings. This can turn out to be extremely useful for those looking to invest in a commercial property. Location: Memphis , Tennessee

Familiarity :

Familiarity All the participants in the ALTA survey including the attorneys, lenders, surveyors, and title professionals are familiar with the survey standards. This allows them to work together and in co-ordination with each other. Bob Pittman PLS Land Surveyor

Consistent Scope of Work :

Consistent Scope of Work This survey provides a consistent scope of work, which is something difficult to determine in any contract. Apart from this, the contract is frequently updated to conform to the latest legal and technology issues. http://www.apsense.com/article/engage-the-services-of-an-alta-surveyor-to-get-detailed-survey-of-the-property-you-wish-to-lend.html Source:


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