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Math Across the Curriculum : 

Math Across the Curriculum Harper-Archer Middle School Barbara A. Bieniemy, M.A., NBCT Arn St.Cyr, M.S. Instructional Math Coaches

Essential Question : 

Essential Question How can I effectively implement math across the content areas? Will my students benefit from math across the curriculum?

Purpose : 

Purpose Make math welcome and even indispensable across the entire curriculum. Motivate students to take math seriously. To increase student confidence. To enhance student’s critical and analytical skills. Increase the ability and willingness of students to use math they already know, to facilitate their understanding of other subjects and to draw upon other subjects to improve their math skills.

Process : 

Process Collaboration Planning Implementation Integration

Payoff : 

Payoff Increase student achievement in math. Meeting AYP in math

How and Where??? : 

How and Where??? Analyzing data Using patterns Using formulas Probability/statistics/graphs Central tendency (avg., med., mode) Correlation Designing

Content areas and Math : 

Content areas and Math

History/Geography : 

History/Geography Maps: scale, direction, coordinates Statistics/graphs: analyze data Predications from data

Science : 

Science Recording/interpreting data Predict from graphs/models Measure, calculate Formulas

PE/Health : 

PE/Health Height, distance, time Data logging Statistics Correlation

Art Math Concepts : 

Art Math Concepts Scale Ratio Symmetry Spatial ideas Shapes

Johnny Apple Seed : 

Johnny Apple Seed Using the book Johnny Apple Seed today we will discover math, geography, science, writing and reading.

T-Chart : 


Venn Diagram : 

Venn Diagram

Frayer Model : 

Frayer Model

Technology and Math : 

Technology and Math Georgia Online Assessment Study Island Brainchild (online and handheld) I-Pods Unitedstreaming Videos AYP math program

3, 2, 1 : 

3, 2, 1 Three things you’ve learned in this session: Two resources needed for math integration across the curriculum One thing you will implement tomorrow to help students with problems in math:

Success in math : 

Success in math Depends more on the student’s interest rather than the students’ perceived math ability.

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