Why Is CNC Cutting Machine Better Than Laser Or Waterjet?


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CNC cutting machine adds an automatic electric orbital control system which is suitable for cutting of pipes of various materials. ..http://www.arcbro.com/


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Why Is CNC Cutting Machine Better Than Laser Or Waterjet ? www.arcbro.com

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What’s the best value when it comes to choosing a cutting machine and process? CNC cutter machine can be divided into metal saw tube cutting machine, flame CNC tube cutting machine, waterjet tube cutting machine, lathe tube cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine and plasma tube cutting machine.  www.arcbro.com

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What makes one cutting process and machine more valuable than another depends on a range of factors and how to figure it out? www.arcbro.com

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How CNC Cutting Is The Best? Lower operating costs With a compact structure, it is equipped with good sealing and is strongly adaptable to changes in the environment. Considering power usage, routine maintenance and various factors, the operating costs of CNC machine is about half that of waterjet and ¾ that of laser. www.arcbro.com

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Lower initial investment With the perfect automatic nesting system it can save time, materials and the sheet utilization ratio up to 95%. Waterjet machines require much more expensive components and can cost up to $350,000 and Laser machines with new machines ranging from $350,000 to over $1,000,000. While some plasma cutting machines run as high as $100,000 but it will provide a better value of that price these days. www.arcbro.com

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Faster production Production rate is another important element of value, it can both meet the meet the requirements of product quality, and saves production time. Laserjet becomes slow for most thicknesses and ranges from 20 to 70 inches per minute. On the other side, waterjet is far slower, ranging from 15 inches per minute and below. Production speed of CNC machine is often the fastest and it can cut various materials at a range from 60 to 200 inches per minute. www.arcbro.com

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CNC cutting machine  adds an automatic electric orbital control system which is suitable for cutting of pipes of various materials. It helps the cutting result to get a higher quality. The welding power supply of the machine can achieve all-position welding features. This cutting machine is composed of stainless steel jaws for a wide diameter range of self-centering clamping system. Therefore, it avails fast cutting with no glitches and it is cut perpendicular to the tube axis mouth. www.arcbro.com

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The cutting blades of this CNC cutting machine provide an optional pneumatic or electric cutting motor. It has thus, become so much popular and ideal machine for field and plant operations. www.arcbro.com

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It is regarded as the very close to the clamping system and thus, it needs to be avoided from vibration of the tube, cutting of thin-walled tubes or small-diameter pipe to ensure no deformation. Easy to use and simple to set up, this machine is great without much complication. www.arcbro.com

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