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Heroes : 


Hero of the past : 

Hero of the past Bolivar traveled 123 000 miles, more than they did Columbus and Gama Basque together.He was President of the Republic from five countries (six, actually).Carried the torch of Liberty from a distance of 65,000 km circles around the Earth.Ten times more than triple the Hannibal and Alexander the Great ...

My hero of this : 

My hero of this Juanes is my hero because she has done humanitarian work helping those in need, children in the future.

Local hero : 

Local hero I have no specific local hero, but heroes to me are all people who struggle every day for a better future and get ahead our country.

Personal hero : 

Personal hero I have no specific personal hero but two very important people to me are my mom and my boyfriend are unique beings that are always present in every problem presented to me are unique to me.

Movie Hero : 

Movie Hero Superman is my hero because with their bravery and courage, defeat all the villains and save the innocent and protects the world ..

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