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Benefits of Social Bookmarking


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Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking Anna Astorga

What is Social Bookmarking?:

What is Social Bookmarking? Social bookmarking is saving a website and sharing the link with friends, peers or family. There are many different social bookmarking sites available

Different Sites:

Different Sites Diigo De.lic.ous Blinklist Reddit Facebook


Pros Information can be easily shared Can be used for educational purposes People can view websites when convenient

What is Being Shared?:

What is Being Shared?

In the Classroom:

In the Classroom Allows for technology integration Teachers can tag websites for their students to view Can be easily accessible at home

In the Classroom cont.:

In the Classroom cont. Websites can be easily shared with parents Teachers can send helpful links and websites to each other

A Deeper Look (Diigo):

A Deeper Look ( Diigo )


Cons Tags can sometimes be unorganized Links might not always function properly Spam


Overview Social bookmarking allows website sharing between teachers, students and parents Some sites have annotation and highlighting features Can be easily integrated into a classroom


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