How to Break Bad Habits

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Change your A H I T B S Change your

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Your habits have three parts:

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( ) A cue is a familiar indicator or landmark that you brain relies on to start your habit

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( ) Cues can be anything from emotions, objects, places, or people

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The routine is the behaviour or action itself

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The reward is the benefit you experience from performing your routine. It’s the reward that tells your brain to remember your habit.

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Once your brain starts to anticipate the reward after seeing a cue, your habit will become automatic.

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Charles Duhigg calls this the habit loop.

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Let’s take an example:

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Your cue is to stand in front of the mirror after taking a shower

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Your routine is brushing your teeth

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Your reward is minty sensation in your mouth

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Five steps to drop any bad habit

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2 strategies to eliminate bad habit. An excerpt from the 5 step process. 1 2

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First strategy is the most effective to change a bad habit. It’s called the Replacement Method 1

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1 Keep same Keep same Keep same Keep same Keep the same cues and rewards, but replace the routine with something that’s positive. The key is finding a positive routine that provides a similar reward as your bad habit.

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Increase awareness of the triggers 2 Avoid cues altogether Make changes to your environment to avoid your cues altogether. Limit the number of times you’ll be tempted to perform your habit.

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Follow these steps, and you will be successful in changing your bad habits

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Learn the 5 step process and much more in my online course. Click on the image for a promotional coupon : Email me at:

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