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We are one of the first sauna companies to lay out full and clear pricing online, for all of the products we sell. Aqualine Saunas is recognized as a leading sauna supplier of home saunas, infrared saunas, traditional Finnish saunas, and steam rooms. We are proud to offer the largest range of top brand saunas and steam rooms in the US, supplying customers with a range of top quality products that include the world’s leading and most established brands.


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Aqualine Saunas:

Aqualine Saunas http :// 866.355.1060

About Aqualine Saunas:

About Aqualine Saunas Aqualine Saunas is recognised as the leading market supplier in Infrared Saunas, Traditional Steam Saunas, Portable Saunas, Sauna Heaters and Steam Rooms for both domestic and commercial applications and is a member of the Aqualine Ltd Group. We are proud to offer the largest comprehensive range of top brand saunas and steam rooms in the UK.

Infrared Saunas :

Infrared Saunas Far infrared saunas are a modern adaptation of the time-tested method of using heat for health, cleansing and purification purposes. This type of sauna is very cost efficient and easy to maintain, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. This insulation helps keep the running costs of a SaunaMed Sauna lower than similar saunas on the market. All wall sections are made to fit together precisely and makes our saunas very rigid and of a solid construction. SaunaMed Signature Infrared Saunas EMR Neutral™


Saunas SaunaMed Classic Infrared Saunas EMR Neutral™ SaunaMed Lumina Infrared Saunas EMR Neutral™

Steam Rooms :

Steam Rooms A steam room , steam bath or steam shower is a unique and luxurious experience that can be achieved much more practically than ever before, as residential steam generators become not only more compact but more affordable. As well, improvements in commercial grade steam generators make it possible for resort, spa and health club owners to provide their clients with an unforgettable steam bathing experience, without unnecessary concern for the dependability of their steam generator unit.

Steam Rooms:

Steam Rooms SaunaMed Signature Steam Rooms Tylo Impression Steam Showers

Sauna Heaters :

Sauna Heaters Aqualine offer a range of sauna heater products.  Our sauna stoves are ideal for bespoke sauna cabins or for converting an traditional sauna .  Our sauna heaters are easy to install and simply plug into a standard electrical socket quickly providing cost savings.

Sauna Heaters:

Sauna Heaters Electric Sauna Heaters Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

Traditional Finnish Saunas :

Traditional Finnish Saunas Traditional saunas , also known as Finnish saunas, conventional saunas or steam saunas can be traced long back in ancient history from the Greeks, Romans and of course the Scandinavians. Our Traditional Saunas provide the genuine 'hard' heat of a Finnish sauna. Our traditional saunas offer all the health benefits of our infrared models - with an extra touch of Finnish authenticity for pure sauna enthusiasts. With a 'hard heat' Finnish sauna, you'll experience the sensations of a centuries-old European health experience at a price you simply won't believe.

Traditional Finnish Saunas:

Traditional Finnish Saunas Tylo Vital Vision Saunas Tylo Space Vision Saunas

Contact us:

Contact us http :// / 4310 W. 190th St.   Suite # 51289 California, Torrance, United States

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