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AQUAPRO INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD Reverse Osmosis Parts Introduction

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AQUAPRO INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD Reverse Osmosis Electrical Diagram RO Pump internal wiring Control Box Blue Blue Ye l l o w Ye l l o w Y E L L O W / G R E E N R e d G r e e n Red Black Red BROWN BLUE ON/ OFF SWITCH W B R A C -2 2 0 V Full water switch Low Pressure Switch : Yellow Flushing Solenoid Valve : Red MC Magnetic Switch : Green A2 95 Electrical Pressure valve T.D.S. TEST BAR PURIFIED WATER T.D.S. TEST BAR INLET WATER RO PUMP 2T1 6T3 Bl a c k Re d IN LE T O UT LE T TO FLOATING / H.P . SWITCH 2T1 A2 3 1 9 5 1 5 6T3 T O C ON/OFF DUAL T.D.S. WATER U1 V1 W1 V2 U2 W2 PUMP FLUSH SOURCE FULL POWER MANUAL R WATER FLUSHING CONTROL A S S O C I A T I O N MEMBER W A T E R QUALITY Blue Brown White B l a c k G re e n Bl a c k G R O U N D I N G Power 2.0 point 3

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4 Filter Housing with Cartridges 20" Filter Housing 20" Cartridge: Sediment 5 1micron Carbon Block Carbon Block Solenoid Valve Flushing while control box sends out flushing signal. AQUAPRO INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD Reverse Osmosis Specification Vertical Pump Type: 3HP 4HP 5.5HP 1500-2000GPD: 1/2" 3000-4000GPD: 1/2" 4500-6000GPD: 1/2" 6000-8000GPD: 3/4" 10000GPD: 3/4" Actuator Shutting down while Low pressure switch sends out signal. 1".

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RO Membrane RO Housing A RO Membrane Housing B RO Membrane: 1.Specification of Membrane 1 Max. Operation Pressure: 300PSI O 2 Max. Operation Temperature: 45 C 3 Turbidity NTU: 1 4 Chlorine: 0.1PPM 5 PH Range: 211 6 Flow Rate: 10GPM 7 Max. S.D.I. Index: 5 8 Salt Rejection Rate: 96 2.Application Data For System Design: 1 Max. Operation Pressure: 190220PSI O 2 Max. Operation Temperature: 45 C 3 Turbidity N.T .U.: 1 4 Chlorine: 0.1PPM 5 PH Range: 411 6 System Inlet Water pressure: 3.5KG+/- 15 7 Max. S.D.I. Index: 4 8 Salt Rejection Rate: 96 9 Product Water Generate: 25 O C Testing Environment: 25 C/pH8 1 NaCl: 2000 PPM 2 Operating Pressure: 225PSI 3 Recovery Rate: 15 600PSI` Water Inlet pressure Gauge 2 015 KG/CM Oil-Filled Pressure Gauge 2 Not allow to operate under 1.5KG/CM RO Inlet Water Pressure Gauge 2 035KG/CM 30barOil-Filled Pressure Gauge set the pressure between 150180PSI to get the maximum performance. Pressure Regulator Adjust Clockwise to boost RO operating pressure Counterclockwise to Lower operating pressure. 5 AQUAPRO INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD Reverse Osmosis Specification Gate Valve Only for vertical pump using.

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Flow Meter 1.010GPM Electromagnetic Switch 1HP FOR 1/2 HORSE POWER MOTOR Single Phase 3HP FOR 1 HORSE POWER MOTOR Single Phase 5HP FOR 3 HORSE POWER MOTOR Single Phase 7.5HP FOR 4 OR 5 HORSE POWER MOTOR Three Phase 6 AQUAPRO INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD Reverse Osmosis Specification 0.22GPM 0.55GPM 2.020GPM Microprocessor Controller Model: MC-2---Six lights microprocessorized automatic flush controller. Power: 230VAC 50/60Hz or 24VDC Function: Controller processing steps: 1 Automatically flush for 1 minute and 30 seconds when the machine starts its first time. 2 Water-generating detection: Automatically flush for 1 minute and 30 seconds after the accumulated time reaches 12 hours. 3 Input water detection: It will not start control system stop pump/solenoid valve if the low pressure switch delays for 5 seconds out of source water. 4 Output water detection: When production water is full Full water lamp is on and stop pump/solenoid valve. Configurations: INDICATION OF EACH LAMP: PUMP: Water-generating will be on when pump is generating. FLUSH: Auto flush function will be on when it is flushing automatically. SOURCE: Water-input will be on when it is short of water. FULL: Full-water will be on when water tank if full. POWER: Will be always on. MANUAL: Manual flush function will be on when flushing by manual. WRING INSTRUCTION: 1. Low Pressure Switch- YELLOW with AMP connector 2. Floating/Pressure Switch-BLUE with AMP male connector 3. Flushing Valve-RED with AMP connector 4. Booster Pump-GREEN/BLACK With AMP connector 5. Inlet Valve-GREEN/BLACK With AMP connector Manual Manual Power Power F u ll Fu ll So rc e Sorce Flush Flush Water-generating Water-generating Pump Pump Water-input Water-input Full-water Full-water

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7 AQUAPRO INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD 1. Make sure the voltage and phase of the system you order never use wrong setting. 2. Check the pure/concentration water are piping right. 3. The power line core should large enough not less than 3.5 mm 4. Be ware do not let brine flow through the system while water softener is backwashing. 5. Make sure the water softeners In/Out are connected correct. 6. Measure feed water pressure with a water pressure gauge. Feed water pressure is preferably to be 35 psi and the minimum is 26 psi. If lower than 26 psi it should install a booster pump at the feed water location. 7. Check prefilters every week to make sure the water supply. 8. If the equipment comes with Ultraviolet Device make sure you have a steady Power supply in protection of the U.V. Lamp. The replacement of filter cartridges depends greatly on the quality and condition of the water in local area where the reverse osmosis system is placed. Please follow the instructions below to ensure good performance of the system. 1. It is most recommended to replace the filter cartridges every three months. 2. After a whiles usage check regularly Reverse Osmosis Panels Inlet Water Water Pressure Gauge. If its water pressure is 15 lower than the feed water Pressure it is recommended to replace the filter cartridges. E.g. If the feed water pressure is 2bar 35psi and the Inlet Water Gauges Index is 1.7bar 29psi it is recommended to replace the filter cartridges. Reverse Osmosis Installation Reminder Replacement of Filter Cartridges

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8 1. If possible install the active carbon filter and water softener to ensure the incoming water quality. 2. Water softener should regenerate the resin by adding salt to its salt tank. Do it regularly. 3. If not install the water softener lower the pure/concentration water ratio by adjusting the pressure adjust needle valveRO Needle Valve. 4. Change pure/concentration water ratio you should always notice the motor operating pressure adjust it from the PROCON bypass to ensure the motor is running at the best condition. 2 5. If your water incoming pressure lower than 1 kg/CM remember to add a pump in front of the system. 6. The lines left on side of autoflushing timer are used for level control or high pressure switch If you are using a pressurize storage device. 7. Please use Hardness Tester 5B to know your water hardness. Make sure the water softener is working fine. 8. Please use the Chlorine Tester to detect the active carbons working condition change active carbon when necessary. 9. Cleaning R.O. membrane when the product rate declined 10 or pressure drop up 15 the following figure tell you how: a. Take pure water pipe O out and put it into drain. b. Put concentration water pipe P into cleaning solution Q. c. Start pump Notice: Make sure to release the air gather in pipes. d. Close M valve open N valve let cleaning solution suck into R.O. system. e. Adjust needle valve Pressure adjusting valve to the maximum level. And let it run for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes adjust pressure to 60 psi run for another 30 minutes. f. Put concentration water pipe back to the drain adjust pressure to maximum level flush for 1 minute and its done. Note: Using the right cleaning solution to clean different types of scale the cleaning solution O PH should range from 3 to 10 at temperature of 35 C. Reverse Osmosis Setup Suggestion AQUAPRO INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD

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10 AQUAPRO INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD 1. INLET PIPING SIZE 1 15002000GPD 1Membrane Inlet Piping: 3/4" 1" 2 30004000GPD 2 Membranes 1HP Motor Procon Pump Inlet Piping: 3/4" 1" 3 30004000GPD 2 Membranes 3HP Grundfos Pump Inlet Piping: 1" 4 600014000GPD 4 8 Membranes Inlet Piping: 1" 1-1/4" 2. INSTALLATION OF AN ADDITIONAL PUMP The inlet water pressure must be at least 1.5kg / cm2. When inlet water pressure is under 1.5kg/cm2 equip the system with an additional pump to increase the inlet water pressure. The selection of the additional pump must be based on actual Situations. Reminder

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