Bermuda triangle mystery

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Bermuda triangle mystery:

Bermuda triangle mystery

Where is it?:

Where is it? The Bermuda Triangle , also known as the Devil's Triangle , is a region in the Atlantic Ocean .

What happens?:

What happens? Airplanes and ships disappear Tropical storms happen Infra-sound which causes panic with the people Large waves Navigation does not work: compass doesn’t work

Flight 19:

Flight 19 In 1945 a group of American bombers flew on a training mission and NEVER came back. They were never found. It is a big mystery because the sea was calm and the weather was very good. The last words of the pilots were: “The compasses do not work! The water is white! We can see nothing!”


Theories Some people say that when Atlantis sank, it left a rock, the Bimini Road, which influences this territory. UFOs (НЛО) Time holes (временные дыры) Space cracks ( разломы в пространстве) Methane bubbles which come from the bottom of the ocean. Killer waves ( волны-убийцы) which are 20-30 meters high Electronic fog with paranormal time storms

Real facts:

Real facts The Gulf Stream , a deep ocean current, flows at the speed of 2,5 meter per SECOND. It carries away ships and influences compass magnetic directions. Piracy in the Caribbean (when a group of pirates attack a ship and take it illegally). Hurricanes are strong storms which kill many people on water. Methane hydrate is a gas which kills people and ships sink very quickly. Killer waves turn over oil platforms make ships sink. Human mistakes kill people because they think that if they have a big ship they can go through any wave and storm.


Skepticism David Kusche said about the problem with the Bermuda Triangle stories : “If I say that a parrot was kidnapped to teach aliens human language and I ask you to prove that is not true. You can’t. There is simply no way to prove that it is wrong. Only the person who says it can prove that it is wrong or true."

The Devil’s Sea = The Dragon’s triangle:

The Devil’s Sea = The Dragon’s triangle There is a copy of the Bermuda triangle in the Pacific Ocean. The Dragon’s triangle is a region of the Pacific around Miyake Island . Ships, airplanes and people disappear here. People say that there are UFOs and ghost-ships in the Dragon’s triangle.

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