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In this blog, we have described you the Easy way to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus. About more information go through this link:- https://www.wpglobalsupport.com/add-topics-in-wordpress-navigation-menus/


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Easy way to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus:Best Guide

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Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus Many WordPress beginners are stuck initially with the concept of adding topics in WordPress navigation menus. Most users agree that they have to create pages for every topic attach them to the menu. Nevertheless if you do this you won’t be able to show relevant posts there. Here in this article we are going to elaborate you how you can add topics in WordPress navigation menus without creating pages or writing any HTML code.

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Cont…. Assume that you want to make a website of travel guides for different cities. You can add city names to your navigation menu and show relevant links when website visitor click on that link. This is where the categories come from. WordPress comes along with a powerful integrated system that allows you to sort your content into the taxonomy. Defaultly there are two taxonomies that are ready to use with your posts. These taxonomies are called tags and categories in WordPress.

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How to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus ● You can add or select categories when writing your blog post. Post Meta box post will appear on the right column of the edit screen. ● Once you’ve created some posts and filed them under different categories you can now add these categories to your site’s navigation menu. ● Just visit the ‘Appearance »menu‘ and click on the Categories tab to expand it.

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Cont…. ● Now select the categories that you want to add to the menu and then click the Add to the menu button. Your selected categories will now appear in the form of menu items in the right column. You can move them up and down using drag and drop. ● Once you are satisfied with the menu click the Save menu button to store your changes. Now you can visit your website to see your changes in action. More Read:- https://www.wpglobalsupport.com/add-topics-in-wordpress-navigation-menus/

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Conclusion In this blog we have described you the Easy way to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus. Thereafter we elaborated its description and the method to do the same. These points do add value to the entire blog post. And often leads to the end of the blog. About more information visit our site:- https://www.wpglobalsupport.com/add-topics-in-wordpress-navigation-menus/

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