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Recipe of the best homemade apple chutney. Just follow the nine simple steps and you can make healthy and tasty apple chutney at home easily.


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APPLE CHUTNEY RECIPE |RECIPE FOR APPLE CHUTNEY Apples deserve to be called "nutritional powerhouses". They contain the following important nutrients: Apple has nutrients like Vitamin-C B-complex vitamins riboflavin thiamin and vitamin B-6 Dietary fiber Phytonutrients and minerals such as Calcium Potassium and Phosphorus. Plus they are super tasty as well. But did you know that apples can be eaten with a different taste and with no compromise in the nutrition

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Yes this is true. Apple chutney is the right name for the dish which answers the above question. The meal of every Indian family is incomplete without a chatpati chutney. Every household mother always has to make the chutney available for other family members to eat. Like every Indian mother my mother also makes chutneys but my favorite one is the apple chutney and I think my mother makes the best apple chutney so I thought I should share with others as well. This is why I am sharing the recipe of how to make best apple chutney.

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So lets start. 1. Take 10-15 apples green or red. My mother suggests green apples as they are considered to be juicier. 2. Peel the apples and chop them well. 3. Take a pan and cook the chopped apples in it. 4. Afterwards add taste wise sugar sugar salt and red chili powder in it. NOTE: - You can add other ingredients to it according to your taste. Some add onions along with sugar salt and chili powder. Totally depends on your taste. 5. Mix the added ingredients well and the added cinnamon stick to it because apples and cinnamon make a good taste and health combination.

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6. After putting all the ingredients Heat on high to bring to a boil and then lower it accordingly and allow it cook until the apple gets pulpy around 40 minutes. 7. Vinegar can also be added into it as it would work as a preservative. 8. After completing all the above steps allow it to cool for a while. 9. Eventually pulpit in a blender final step and your apple chutney is ready. Well this is the recipe which my mother used to make apple chutney which according to me is the best. This chutney If prepared using organic apples will give more taste and health benefits.

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You can even buy organic apple chutney online it is easily available. If I had to recommend I would suggest my favorite organic fruit supplier They offer the best quality organic fruits online. So this the end. I hope you enjoyed reading this and would try by yourself to make an apple chutney. Go ahead make your own taste. Tags:- Apple chutney recipe Recipe for apple chutney

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Easy apple chutney recipe Best apple chutney recipe Description:- Recipe of the best homemade apple chutney. Just follow the nine simple steps and you can make healthy and tasty apple chutney at home easily.

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