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Plurals Adding -s and – es

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Welcome! What is a noun?

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Noun= A person, place or thing Examples: Fish Shark

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What is a plural? Plural means more than 1.

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Creating Plurals Some words are made plural by adding –s. Others we add – es .

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Adding – es We add - es to a word when it ends in:  - x - s - sh - ch -s

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Example: 1 box 2 box es 1 patch 2 patch es

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Adding -s When do we add –s? Ending in any other letter.

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Adding –s Examples 1 Cat 2 Cat s . 1 dog 2 dog s

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Guided Practice Type Information here

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Independent Practice

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Closing: What ending would we add to cracker if there were more than 1?

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