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Here we will discuss about some of the upcoming trends of iOS application development that can be considered by iOS app developers.


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iOS App Development Trends to Follow in 2018 - Appzure In recent years iPhone mobile applications are in huge demand. There are many new things recently released by the iOS app development company. Almost all new technologies are applied first by Apple on iPhone and iPad. For instance iBeacon is the device which is considered as IoT to make more apps with better and easier to use interface. There are many retailers who uses iBeacon devices and grow their business one step further these days. Apple is continuosly striving to offer its users something new and also keeping it simple and secure. The blog will discuss about some of the upcoming trends of iOS application development that can be considered by iOS app developers. 1. iBeacon Technology is in demand iBeacon is owned by Apple but that does not mean that Android devices and other devices can not see this beacon signal either. Beacons and iBeacons are not just for Apple devices you can use them in your customer base. Retailers can have a great benefit with Beacon technology in the retail market. The technology was not initially accepted in early 2015. However few of Apples iOS apps launched the Beacon application for the retail industry and had a blasting success rate when compared to other technologies. The experts in the retail industry says that 85 of US retailers have already implemented Beacon in the year 2016 by earning a total sale of 4 billion. By default most of the beacons that are currently there are not connected to the Internet. Eventually some of the beacons will be connected to the Internet. There is a possibility that they can send some kind of device-level data to a platform. In general this is used more for remotely updating beacon maintenance understanding which beacons are running out of battery which one should be replaced which ones may have some problems and less about tracking.

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2. Combination with cloud innovation At one level the development of the iOS application has a limit according to the demands of the user. Users want apps to access it from everywhere. The cloud-based application allows mobile devices to access the corporate data using an iPhone. Security is one of the big weakness in the smartphones be it the Android app or the iOS app and personal devices. Smartphones are being used globally by the users. Entrepreneurs could use the functions and features of cloud computing to maintain a connection with colleagues and customers from the location which are far-off. It can offer access to information to traveling employees independent employees or remote employees for a good work-life harmony. 3. Swift Programming – Creates marvelous apps For years Objective-C has been the mainstay of iOS applications. Swift is innovative a new Apple proprietary programming language with which it can coexist but it is significantly better than Objective-C. Swift is growing the language. One must learn Swift now if they are developing an application. A syntax does not change since Apple improvises the language. Swift will result in better applications for iPhone Mac and iPad users. Swift is faster to code and easier to test than Objective-C. Swift is designed to provide seamless compatibility with Cocoa and Objective-C. Swift is designed to replace Objective-C by Apple applications and a language more powerful than Python. Swift is one of the most demanded trends in the development of iOS applications. 4. Security features play major role Currently the mobile business is exploding. Most users have ongoing questions regarding security when they are buying a product or making a commercial deal using mobile applications. Now it is the developers responsibility to add high-end security features in the mobile application. Then users will have confidence in the application of their company. 5. Wearable and IoT Technologies Wearable Technology brings a revolution in the way you do many tasks. The portable technology applications can provide you with intelligent support for the improvement of your business or some tasks that you manage daily. IoT has evolved from the union of wireless technologies microelectronic system microdevices and Internet. The convergence has helped to destroy the barrier between operational technology and information technology that allows analyzing unstructured data generated by the machine and driving improvements. IoT and wearable technologies are the new trends in the development of iPhone/iOS applications.

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6. Free Apps to use Any application developed for an eCommerce company will be free as well as games and other application that is not e-commerce. The developers will depend more on advertising and marketing within the application to get their profits. Most of the free applications developed with the aim of marketing have a greater proportion in the market. 7. iOS for Enterprises The Apple iPad tablet is widely adopted by companies and commercial applications are also used prominently. However it has made great progress with beacon technology which is being used in commercial and marketing applications. The market share of the iPhone may be higher as iOS integrates it with devices such as the clock the Mac laptop and the office devices with beacon technology. In addition the widespread use of cloud technology will make the adoption of the secure infrastructure provided by iOS very lucrative. 8. More highlights on Mobile Commerce Career-oriented developers are now changing from web developer to application development work. Every e-commerce website will have to have a mobile application and there will be a lot of money to be made. The wallet and beacon technologies are increasing users of mobile devices because users are more apt to buy if the process of payment and payment is made simple and secure. Developers can follow the trends in the iOS/iPhone apps development to improve the creation of applications. 9. Augmented Reality Augmented reality is advancing through iOS applications largely using GPS technology to offer a wide range of services to its users. The use of augmented reality for games is changing the landscape of the gaming industry integrating the games in each activity of the individuals. In 2017 augmented reality and GPS will be essential for the mobile application developer. 3D games will also gain prominence and the only problem may arise in terms of security. Conclusion Taking into account all the trends that must be taken in the development of iOS applications even so there are many changes and interruptions in the design and development. The information joins the blog so that new trends that developers use are more useful and obtain more knowledge to create the best of the previous. Enjoy the development. Reference by Appzure:

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