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How hybrid app development is better than native app development?


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How hybrid app development is better than native app development ____________________________________________________________________________ A mobile app is the most important tool for the success of any business. Initially native mobile apps were preferred to be developed. Due to an increased number of mobile users implementation of current mobile app marketing strategies and the arrival of new mobile app development approaches device fragmentation and growth in app usage the mobile app developers have realized the importance of multi-platform app development. Thats why hybrid app development is most preferred today as it brings many business benefits. According to Gartner report Approximately 50 of the apps uploaded to the app store would by hybrid by 2017. As per other sources While 79 percent of consumers would retry a mobile app only once or twice if it failed to work the first time only 16 percent would give it more than two attempts. The poor mobile app experience is likely to discourage users from using an app again. In fact when it comes to mobile app development the user experience is everything which can bring success to your business in a less time. Hybrid app development manifests the user experience properties of both web as well as native apps. A hybrid app provides fast development and has a single code base for Android and iOS devices rather than native apps. In this blog we have listed out some of the top reasons how hybrid app development is better than native app development.

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Check out the list below: 1 Cost effective development In this digital era cost efficiency plays an important role in order to help enterprises for their business growth. With this they build effective products and market them in no time. In fact making a hybrid app costs you less or cheaper and also gets the task done sooner as compared to any other native or web mobile app. By using latest web development frameworks and set of libraries hybrid app developers can fast their development process and send the apps to various app stores which ultimately save both cost and time. Moreover due to a single code base a hybrid app works on different platforms thus help in reducing the maintenance as well as the development cost. 2 Enhanced UI/UX The interactive user interface is one the main reason behind hybrid app’s popularity. Hybrid apps provide instant responsive apps and also deliver a glitch-free experience that runs on different devices. Also it helps in displaying data faster and resolves the issues of the fluctuating data streaming capabilities. Moreover hybrid apps are lightweight as compared to native apps and thus can load the heavy content combined with high-definition graphics in just a few minutes. 3 Offline Support feature There are many users who want to reduce their mobile data consumption. While others are still struggling to have an uninterrupted access to app’s data. All this possible with hybrid apps offline accessibility without incurring performance glitches. Actually hybrid app stores the device’s API in order to save offline data. It ultimately helps users to load the mobile application quickly in few seconds. Thats why hybrid app development is preferred over native mobile app development. 4 Easy integration Developers often stuck with integration issues while developing mobile apps. To reduce such integration issues hybrid apps take maximum advantage of the device’s internal programming system through an overlay. Thus it helps in seamless synchronization with other compatible apps. As a result the hybrid apps smoothly work with native applications and features like GPS camera messaging etc. which ultimately ensure a good user experience. 5 Less native behavior requirement

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Hybrid apps are a good choice for you if your clients requirement is simple and not very complex with less requirement for native features. However by saying limited native behavior it doesnt mean you cannot have native functionalities in your hybrid app. Since Cordova provides plugins for native features and then the developers integrate them into their hybrid app. For this developers are always careful about the performance impact while using a plugin. 6 Simplified Maintenance Both hybrid and native apps make use of all the features available on the mobile device. However maintaining it becomes quite challenging for users and developers in case of native apps. It is because developers need to roll out new updates in the form of new versions and every time users require to update their apps accordingly. But with hybrid apps it makes app maintenance very simple just like updating a web page in real time. It also bypasses versioning. Thus it provides such flexibility which lastly facilitates the scalability needs of an enterprise. 7 Serves fast With hybrid app development you get the apps to market faster and across multiple platforms. Thus it saves your precious time by coding only once and efforts get reduced too. However testing is another major concern for mobile developers which also consumes a lot of time. Here testing involves quality assurance testing Initial testing and pre-platform testing before launching the app. So hybrid apps will help in saving time while performing testing. 8 Great performance Performance is the foremost concern of every mobile app developer. A good performance can accelerate the growth of your online business. Both native and hybrid apps are fast reliable and secure. With hybrid apps you can load the contents easily and structure visualize the elements too. Thus it gives you a seamless experience. 9 Quick Iterations A hybrid app is a right choice for business owners if they want a quick release of their app in the market even when you add some new and improved features to it. Hybrid applications make the iterations and upgrades more easy and fast. It also involves shorter release cycles. In case of native apps you may get the efficient mobile apps but their turnaround time is very long. Thus hybrid apps provide quicker iterations shorter turnaround time and faster coding abilities which make it a winner over native app development.

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Bottom Note: So far we have seen the importance of hybrid app development over native app development. In this competitive market a hybrid app is one of the perfect solutions which makes the task easier and faster for mobile developers. Also a hybrid app can help you save both time and money.In fact various known giants like Instagram Twitter and Uber are already taking advantages of hybrid mobile app development. Now if you might be looking for hybrid app development then you are at the right place. At AppZure we have an expert team of hybrid mobile app developers who have successfully delivered 500+ mobile apps to 120+ happy clients across 20+ countries.Feel free to contact our experts or discuss your project requirements now For more information please check out:

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