Top 5 On-Demand app ideas for start-up in 2020


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5 Best on-demand mobile app ideas to execute in 2020


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The On-Demand Mobile App Economy is developing at a rapid pace as various businesses are fulfilling the user’s demands by providing goods and services they need, at their doorstep. The main reason behind the success of on-demand apps is, it saves both, time and efforts of the consumers. There are many types of on-demand app ideas that are booming the online market. Some of them are food delivery app, house cleaning app, car wash app, grocery app, babysitter app, etc. So let’s check out our 5 amazing on-demand app ideas that have great potential to generate tons of revenue for your business.


The first on-demand app idea in our list is trucking app. A trucking application will eliminate the need for third-party agents between shippers and truckers. It will set up a direct connection between the concerned parties. Along with that, it will offer driving directions and pricing in real-time. In order to develop an On-Demand Mobile App for Trucking, you must include features like: Map with detailed routing. List of both, accepted and ongoing orders. Real-time tracking of shipment. Push notifications about payments. 24/7 customer support with chat option in app.


The next on-demand idea in which you can invest is a car wash app. On-demand car wash application will provide your clients the ease of ordering a car wash service from home. It will save their time and efforts. The working of this app is very simple. There will be a mobile application that will connect its application users to proficient car washers for on-request service in a particular area. If you want to create an On-Demand Mobile App for Car-Washing , you should include features like: Customer/Detailer Registration. Push Notifications. Payment Integration. In-app chat/ voice call.


When we talk about the growing industry, how can we forget the beauty industry? This is one of those industries that are shooting up like a mushroom. Building a beauty service app is also a very good start-up idea. With an on-demand Beauty application , users can request beautician for instant plans. Users will just need to sign up in the app and get an appointment with the beautician. And when the appointment is done, beautician will come to their place and deliver the service. Must have feature to include in beauty service app: Beautician’s Availability Toggle. Beautician Profile. Payment Integration. Heat View In Admin.


Moving to the list, the next app idea is house cleaning app. With this application, clients will simply need to sign up and tap the search cleaners’ button. The moment user tap on the search button, the app will then list of the cleaners as required. Clients would then be able to send requests to them immediately for the service they want. If you want to create an On-Demand House Cleaning App, you should include features like: Cleaner and User Registration. In-app navigation. Multilingual. Online Invoicing & Billing Facility.


Have you ever thought, you are going somewhere and your car is broken down in the middle of the way? How bad it will be? Many people face this problem. And for businessmen , problem is equal to opportunity . Now imagine, having an app which assures you that a driver is on the way to fix it, wouldn’t it be fantastic? If such services are provided to the customers by an app they will be overwhelmed and that would grow your customer base indefinitely. If you want to create an On-Demand Car Repair App, you should include features like: Mechanic Availability Toggle. Mechanic Profile. Schedule Appointment. Push Notifications. Advanced Reports.

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