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Mobile has rewired Entrepreneurship with just one click and the entire world is in our hand. So for every startup, it's an important thing is to develop your own mobile app. Therefore as a Best Mobile App Development Company, we believe that an application with attractive UI designs and some feature that attracts your customers and make a good impact and useful app. That will also add a good value to the market. But nowadays developing a mobile app isn't an easy way, there is a lot more competition in the market. That will more difficult to choose. So here are 18 tips which you should follow to plan your next app idea. Read Full Article From 👉 https://apptraitsolutions.com/18-tips-about-mobile-app-development-you-cant-afford-to-miss/


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Entrepreneurs and Startup owners are people who’re expected to survive in a world where on an average 6140 mobile apps are developed every day. Even if we consider a minimum of 4 mobile app developers needed to develop one app an average of just around 25000 comes up. These are numbers for the apps that manage to hit the market many fail to even reach this mark. With smartphones upgrading every odd month mobile app development has become a job not many are able to master. By the time a mobile app developer develops a mobile app for one version of the target platform an update comes up leaving their successful mobile app development project vulnerable to so many bugs and glitches. Now with mobile becoming the top mode of communication for companies with their users they prefer to opt for mobile apps which makes the surge in demand equal to the surge in difficulty level of mobile app development. Mobile App Development market has witnessed a massive spike in India as well.

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Thousands of companies have stepped in to race for becoming the best mobile app development company India has been longing for. With so much at stake and with so many people battling it out it has become a necessity for every mobile app developer to stand out from the crowd. While everyone wishes to do so only a handful of them manages to actually do that. Scratching your head won’t help What will help are these 18 useful mobile app development tips that will ensure you stay in the elite group of developers every company loves to have with them.

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1. Analyze The Market Before you start with the development process it is necessary to understand what’s your target user base demands. For instance the regional diversity in India makes up well for a user interface that is available in multiple languages. Do the analysis of your competitors know their positive and negative points.

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2. Understand The Ongoing Trends Trends don’t stay they keep changing and hence it is necessary for every mobile app entrepreneur to know what the latest trend is before starting with the development of a mobile app. As of today Augmented Reality App Development Unity Game Development and On-demand Solution are trending right now. This gives you a chance to let your innovative side sneak in and help your app reach the top of the mobile app market. You should also consider either go with cross-platform app development tool or native app development kit.

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3. Decide A Suitable Name Space This is one of those mobile app development tips which sets apart the good developers from the ordinary bunch. Successful Mobile App Development needs every single aspect of the app to be creative unique and appealing. The app name is one aspect which covers up for the app appeal to the user base. Along sentence-like name is of course not something a user would like to have. If that same app’s name is trimmed to a punchy one-word label more users tend to install use and talk about it.

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4. Ensure Your App Meets Your Idea Of the 6140 apps released every day an average user uses just 9 apps per day and just around 30 per month. Of course no app developer wishes to replicate what has already been created. Everyone targets something new and innovative. While developing your mobile app it is better to highlight or rather let that innovative idea of yours remain the base of your app. Without over-stuffing your app make sure every page of the UI reflects what your app promises in its description.

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5. Build with Right Category That similar app suggestions displayed when a user installs some app from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore plays a vital role in getting any new app to reach its user base effectively. When you choose the precise category you allow yourself to hit a certain audience that is likely to give a thumbs up to your app.

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6. Choose The Right Platform It is preferred to pick the right platform and build your app just for that platform initially. Even if your app on- demands to reach out every platform it is better to start with one which suits your app more. This gives you a chance to analyze your app and make it more user- friendly for the different platforms. Your analysis can let you know what is to be added and what is to be removed for each version of your app.

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7. Use The Right Icon It is known that visual components are extremely important in order to gain downloads from the app store. A mobile application icon is users first contact when they see your mobile application first time. An attractive mobile application icon can lead highly influences the users to download the application.

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8. Test Your App More Often Testing mobile apps is not a new concept anymore. Many tried and tested tools have been developed solely for this task. However testing is still considered to be a one time process done only before releasing the app. For Successful Mobile App Development it is necessary to keep testing your app on a regular basis. This makes sure you spot a glitch in your app before any of your users does.

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9. App Monetization Strategies The more dependable mobile app development company in India prefers is more or less based on how the company reaches out to its users. If your app is a paid one you’re bound to go for a freemium model at least for a limited time period which will let the users know what are they about to pay for. When your app targets a real-world problem hit out on different QA forums and tell the concerned people how your app will help. Hype your app via Social Media Platforms. Make people talk about it.

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10. Make Your App ASO and SEO Friendly App Store Optimisation ASO and Search Engine OptimisationSEO critically depend on your app’s name. According to Sensor Tower Notes 74.3 of the apps with the top rank for high traffic keywords include the target keyword in their name. Including the keyword in your description also helps but a title is of course a better bet.

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11. Optimize Your App Nobody likes to see an app devour a few 100 MBs of the limited storage available on their smartphone. From a user’s perspective an app that uses a few MBs of their phone’s storage and is able to do just one useful task is more preferable. Avoid using unnecessary objects and variables which slow down your app’s performance. Slow apps are often found in the dump irrespective of how useful they are.

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12. Offline Availability The Internet is considered a constant in the digital world which is far from what the reality is. Smartphone users find it difficult to have access to a stable high-speed internet connection and according to numbers still prefer a WiFi connection for their device. Once out of their WiFi range they’re not likely to switch to their mobile connection. If your app simply shows an error message when not connected to the internet you’re bound to lose users big time. Just a little tweak that can help users access one or two features of your app even when offline will make your app much more useful in the long run.

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13. Keep Ads Limited Yes revenue through ads are important but if you want your app to stay around for a long time it is necessary to keep a check on the number of ads you allow in your app. An App studded with beaming Ads and banners will end up getting deleted with a one-star rating on the Play Store or App Store and a probable comment telling people your app is a mere scam.

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14. Use Analytics Analytics let you know how your users interact with your app. Where they touch pinch swipe or perform any other action. This gives you an insight of whether or not your users are utilizing your app in the right way.

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15. Use your User Base to Gain Downloads Ask users to share their opinion about your application or ask them to share an application with their friends and family. A research shows your happy user can lead 2x more downloads of your application.

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16. Roll Out The Right Updates When we say right updates you need to be right with the timing as well as the content included in the update. There is a very thin line for developers to work on. They need to be inch-perfect with when and how they roll out an update for their mobile app. Too many updates irritate the user while too little updates make your app useless. Just at the right time when the trend asks for an update in your app roll one out.

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17. Read User Feedbacks Perfection is a myth Flaws are going to be there the earlier you correct them the better it is. Users who take their time out to give you an insight into what can be done to improve your app’s performance are like a blessing. Do not take negative comments about your mobile app for granted. Pay heed to every low rating and try to solve whatever problem is stated by the user.

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18. Connect With The Users You’re bound to be grateful to everyone who installs and uses your mobile app. The feedback section in Google Play Store and the App Store is one of the best platforms for you to show your user base matters to you. It takes a few minutes to reply to user feedbacks with a “Thank You we’ll look into this”. The more you connect with your user base the more users will feel connected with your app.

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We at AppTrait Solutions take utmost care while development of the mobile app and cover everything from user acquisition to retention. Our team of dedicated skilled mobile app developers is well versed with every little requirement for making a mobile app successful. If you think the tips listed are to the point and following them will give you a successful mobile app then head up to AppTrait Solutions and let us shape your innovative idea into a flawless mobile app. Still confused or not sure from where to start get a free quote from the best mobile app development company.

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