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Paint stripping manually or with paint-stripping products Read more:


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Paint Removal Services Brisbane:

Paint Removal Services Brisbane Old, flaking, lead-based or problem paint can all be safely removed or treated.

The best method of paint removal is job specific, and our techniques include::

The best method of paint removal is job specific, and our techniques include: Sanding with vacuum extractors to prevent dust Paint stripping manually or with paint-stripping products Or if the existing paintwork is in relatively good condition, patching blemishes and coating with appropriate primers and undercoats, then repainting


We use best-practice methods for removing lead-based paint and adhere to correct safety and environmental practices.

Lead Paint Removal Services Brisbane:

Lead Paint Removal Services Brisbane Answers to 3 common questions about Lead Paint Removal


ANSWERS TO 3 COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT LEAD PAINT REMOVAL How can I tell if my house has lead paint? Houses built before 1970 are most likely to have lead paint (containing greater than 1% lead), and houses build before 1950 could have paint containing as much as 50% lead. You are at risk of lead exposure if the paint is flaking, chalking, damaged, or chewed by children. Testing: Lead paint test kits are available from Hardware Stores. Follow the instructions for use. If possible, test all layers of paint that you intend to remove. This is best done using paint chips that are removed at an angle to expose as many layers as possible. As a general rule, test the bottom side of the flake as the older layers are more likely to contain lead. If no loose chips are available test an area where many layers are exposed. The swab will change colour if it detects lead. If the swab does not change colour it means only that no lead is detected in that sample. However, if the age of your house or its maintenance history suggests that paint containing lead could have been used, assume that paint containing lead is present, or have the paint tested by a laboratory.


Can you sand lead paint? It is dangerous to disturb lead paint. However, there are safe ways to remove it (see below). You can leave paint containing lead undisturbed or paint over it if it is in good condition and it is not likely to be damaged by general wear and tear. If it is necessary to disturb surfaces with paint containing lead, it is recommended that a qualified contractor do the job.


What is the healthiest way to remove lead paint? We recommend using chemical paint strippers – our preferred product is Smart Strip Pro by Dummond , which is non-carcinogenic, non-caustic, low VOC, low odour and biodegradable. Once applied, the product softens the layers of paint enabling them to be wet-scrapped. The entire floor area is covered in layers of plastic sheets, allowing all scraped paint to be captured and disposed of correctly. Once as much paint is scraped off as possible, a vacuum sander, attached with a HEPA filter, is used to sand the surface. The HEPA filter prevents any lead dust particles from entering the atmosphere. Alternative method: if the lead paint is in good condition, encapsulating it with professional sealers and then painting over it is a cheaper option. If the lead paint is painted over, you must remember to inspect it regularly for any signs of deterioration or damage. Here is a great resource for more information about removing lead paint:


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