Thinking of an ergonomic office, Applied Ergonomics to the rescue!

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Applied Ergonomics is your all-in-one solution for ergonomic office spaces, where you will get everything and every service under one roof. Right from the first phase of consultation to the installation Applied Ergonomics will get everything done for you. All you have to do is choose.


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Ergonomic furniture is slowly making its way into office space all over the country. And you should be very happy about it! More and more studies have shown the adverse effects that the 9 to 5 lifestyle is having on our health, our sleeping patterns and how it is wreaking havoc in our lifestyles. We keep on reading article after article stating how harmful it is for our physical health to be sitting in one lousy office chair for elongated periods of time, and that too (most of the times) we happen to be sitting in the wrong posture.  Although there is little that one can do to escape the 9 to 5 office lifestyle, other than maybe going broke or giving up normal life, what we can do is improve our experience, the ambience at the workplace so that our body is completely comfortable and hence, healthy.

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One of the easiest and also the most obvious way to do that is to have ergonomic office furniture in our workplaces. When we are going to sit in a chair for the better part of our day, we might as well make sure that it is the best of what is available, so that our body is totally at ease instead of making our body suffer some sort of pain for sitting in a wrong chair in a wrong posture. Because ergonomic chairs are made keeping this very thing in mind, these chairs are perfect for the office.

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When you think of making your office ergonomic and look at getting the best quality ergonomic furniture and getting it installed, look no further than Applied Ergonomics, where we will do everything for you, all that you will have to do is pick the design/ chairs/ office furniture that you want to use in your office. We are a contract furniture dealership, focusing most on our customers and ensuring that they are completely satisfied, giving them solution - oriented furniture so that they can focus on their work 100 percent. At Applied Ergonomics, we offer a full range of services to our clients, services that include just about everything from start to finish, such as interior design, ergonomic consultation, product management and sales, office furniture installation, window treatments and general contracting. You can avail all these and more at Applied Ergonomics. When we say ergonomic consultation, we will not force a couple of ergonomic products on you, but rather listen to you and understand your work dynamics so that we can offer a solution that is best-suited to your needs. To view our entire range of services or to contact us or to buy ergonomic office furniture online, visit

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Contact Us If you need any help in setting up your office ergonomics or you need any kind of office furniture in Illinois, we are at your service. You can come by, call or email us and we will be happy to help you! Please make an appointment to visit us at: 7366 North Lincoln Avenue Suite 403 Lincolnwood, IL 60712 Call us Tel: (847) 679-5148 (866) 673-0862 Fax: (847) 933-0018 Email the President directly

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