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About Us Apple Inc. is large American company which resides in Cupertino, California. The company was founded in April 1976 and was originally called Apple Computer Inc. It changed its name in 2007 and same year Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone . The company focuses on developing and designing consumer electronics such as smart-phones, computers, tablets,music players etc. Their most famous and successful products are iPhones , Mac computers,iPads and iPods.Apple Inc. is an international company and is the second largest IT technologycompany by revenue. The largest ITT company by revenue is still Samsung. Samsung is alsothe largest phone maker in the world, closely followed by Nokia and Apple, who is the thirdlargest phone supplier.In the year 2008 was Apple named the most admired company by Fortune magazineand the company grew in importance. From 2008 to 2012 was Apple the most admiredcompany in the world which made Apple’s brand surpass “Coca-Cola” and become the newmost valuable brand in the world according to “Best Global Brands” report.

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Apple Apple news iPhone iPhone news iPad

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Apple news is a website where you can find all important news from Apple company and information about Apple products like iPhone , iTunes and all other stuff.

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Oščadnica 1076 Slovakia Ph no : 00421903423208 Web : Email : Contact Us

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